Sales Alerts

See the latest sales alerts from Vicon to find out more about new developments.


Valerus 20 Video Management System
October – Vicon introduces its updated Valerus VMS, version 20.

Thermal Sensor- PTZ Dome Camera
August – Vicon introduces its new line of thermal sensor cameras that integrate with the SN683D PTZ Dome Camera.

SN688D PTZ Dome Camera
August – Vicon introduces its new SN688D PTZ Dome Camera.

Updated Vicon Price List – August 2019
August – Vicon releases updated price list dated August 15, 2019.

V840D Micro Dome
May – Vicon introduces its new V840D Micro Dome.

VAX Online Training
March – Vicon presents its online training for its VAX Access Control.

Valerus Smart Analytics 
February – Vicon introduces the addition of SmartAnalytics to its Valerus VMS.


10X Network Bullet Camera
December – Vicon introduces its new network bullet camera with a 10X wide-angle to telephoto lens.

2018 Updated Price List 
November – Vicon has released an updated price list featuring all its new products.

VAX Mobile 
October – Vicon introduces smartphone credentialing for its VAX Access Control System.

Valerus VMS Hardware 
September – Vicon Announces an upgrade to its Valerus hardware to i7 processor and additional RAM.

Valerus VMS, Version 18.2 
August – Vicon Announces the Newest Release of Valerus VMS, Version 18.2

VAX Access Control, Version 2.9.60 
June – Vicon Announces the Newest Release of VAX Access Control, Version 2.9.60

New 4K Cameras
June – Vicon introduces its 4K (8 MP) dome and bullet cameras .

New Valerus -ViconNet Gateway
March – Vicon introduces the Valerus-ViconNet Gateway tool. Read about how to bridge a ViconNet system to Valerus.

New Valerus VMS Version 18
February – Vicon introduces Valerus VMS version 18. Read about all the exciting new features.


New HD Analog Camera Series
11/27 – Vicon introduces HD analog cameras that deliver high-definition video in a conventional coaxial cabling environment at an affordable value.

New Valerus 16-Channel Video Encoder
10/12 – The new ENC-H264-16 encoder is the perfect solution for hybrid systems, as it simplifies the migration to network video without upgrading existing analog camera systems.

New Lines of High-Performance H.265 Megapixel IP Surveillance Cameras
08/28 – New cameras offer advanced performance and specialized features while reducing bandwidth and storage requirements.

VAX Access Control 2.9 Release
08/04 – Newest release of VAX Access Control Version 2.9 offering advanced mapping and enhanced reporting.

Valerus 1.2 Release
08/03 – Newest release of Valerus VMS Version 1.2 offering enhanced capabilities is now available.

Price List Changes Overview
07/25 – Changes in our new price list with prices effective July 25, 2017. Please review the new products, price changes and discontinued products tabs within the workbook to view all of the specific changes.

New V9360 Line of Hemispheric Cameras
04/17 – Vicon Industries introduces its new hemishperic (panoramic) cameras.

VAX 2.8.50 Is Now Available
03/17 – Vicon Industries makes updated VAX available for download

Valerus Now Integrates with VAX
03/17 – Vicon Industries announces that new Valerus VMS and updated VAX now include integrated connectivity.

Surveyor MKII Is Now Available
01/17 – Vicon Industries makes new Valerus VMS available for download

Valerus Is Now Available
01/5 – Vicon Industries makes new Valerus VMS available for download


Vicon Price List Update
11/16 – Vicon Industries releases its updated price list effective 11/15/2016.

VAX Line Updates
11/16 – Vicon Industries announces updates
to its VAX firmware as well as price reductions on the hardware.

Roughneck dome and bullets updates
10/16 – Vicon Industries announces updates
and transition plans to its Roughneck family of cameras

Vicon Announces Changes to the IQeye R5 and 7 Series
7/16 – Vicon Industries announces changes to its
IQeye R5 and 7 Series cameras.

Vicon Announces Changes to the Roughneck Line
7/16 – Vicon Industries announces changes to its
Roughneck line of cameras.

Vicon Announces New Price List
7/16 – Vicon Industries announces a new price list
effective July 15, 2016.

Vicon Introduces New IQeye 9 Camera Series
6/16 – Vicon Industries announces the availability for pre-order of its new IQeye 9 Series of cameras

Vicon Introduces New Keypad
5/16 – Vicon Industries announces the its new VMS keypad

Vicon Updates VAX Access Control
2/16 – Vicon Industries updates its VAX access control system

Vicon Updates ViconNet to 8.1
2/16 – Vicon Industries updates its ViconNet VMS with significant enhancements

Vicon Updates Its PTZ Cruiser
2/16 – Vicon Industries replaces the PTZ Cruiser