Vicon Solutions in Corrections


No industry is more synonymous with “security” than corrections, and Vicon’s end-to-end solutions go beyond simple surveillance to secure correctional facilities around the world. From federal penitentiaries run by the U.S. Federal Bureau of Prisons and Her Majesty’s Prison Service in the U.K., to a wide range of state and local facilities, Vicon keeps operations safe for prisoners, workers and visitors.

Vicon end-to-end solutions provide the corrections market with highly reliable, flexible, and simple-to-use technology that meets the specialized video managements needs of the unique prison environment.

Rugged Cameras for Every Location

Vicon’s extensive line of vandal-resistant cameras provide models for every application, ranging from corner-mounted cameras for in-cell use and super-high resolution, hemispheric models that can capture every detail in larger spaces like mess halls and exercise yards. Features like tamper-resistant screws, impact-resistant domes and ruggedized housing with a range of mounting options ensure cameras will stay up and running no matter what.

Flexible Software that Delivers

Easy to use Valerus software provides guards with the ability to quickly call up cameras, instantly replay video, and make use of powerful search features to find video evidence as needed. Software features like privacy masking allow administrators to block visibility of toilets or other sensitive areas during live monitoring, with the ability to remove the mask upon review of recorded video as necessary for investigations.

In Mexico, the software is even being used to facilitate virtual video appearance of inmates before judges, when the risk and cost of physically transferring a prisoner to court is prohibitive.

High-Security Camera

Check out our Roughneck V-CELL-HD-B High-security camera designed specifically for prison/custodial environments; impact-resistant IK10. These popular cameras are ideal for viewing small high security rooms under all lightin