Valerus Video Management Software Solution

A revolutionary browser-based video management system designed to simplify operations while delivering powerful, business-critical data.

Why choose Valerus VMS?

Valerus is a powerful and intuitive VMS intended for users of all levels, designed for ease-of-installation, with an easy-to-use web-based interface and a standards-based true open-platform philosophy. Valerus delivers features for sophisticated live monitoring, centralized management and high-performance video recording.

Here are the key benefits:

Improve Operational Efficiency

Valerus was designed with a focus on simplicity so you spend less time configuring overly-complex systems and more time getting to business.

True Openness

Valerus is built on ONVIF standard foundation, eliminating the need for individual certifications and allowing open integrations through our integrated partner networks.

Video Monitoring Made Smarter

Empower your security team with powerful event detection, analytics, historical search, and our intuitive smart interface.

Access Anytime, Anywhere

As a browser-based, thin-client application, you can access Valerus from any PC or smart device. We also offer mobile apps for when you’re on the go.

Maximum Flexibility and Scalability

Our tiered licensing gives your business room to grow. Upgrade seamlessly whenever you’re ready.

Protect Your Data

NVR Failover technology alleviates concerns regarding loss of data in case of failures and strengthens the dependability of the recorded data.

Advanced Simplicity from Start to Finish

Simplified Options

Save Time with Central Licensing

Our central licensing process allows you to activate all security components with a single code.

Licenses That Grow with Your Business

Valerus scales with you. That’s why we offer four tiers of licensing to give you more flexibility and room to grow. Upgrading is simple and painless when you’re ready.

Simplified Deployment

Fast and Easy Installation

Since we use a browser-based interface, there’s no need to install custom software at each workstation.

Automated Configuration

Automated discovery tools auto-discover all ONVIF cameras and recorders, and applies standard recording parameters system-wide.

Simplified Operations

See System Health at a Glance

Quickly see a health status snapshot of all system components, with descriptions of any problem.

Customize Your Favorite Views

Pre-set your favorite views of specific cameras for easy call-up.  Display any news, feed, weather or third party interface right within the Valerus interface.

Proactive Monitoring with Valerus SmartAnalytics

The ultimate efficiency tool for today’s complex security staff, these server-based analytics tools allow for processing of hundreds of cameras simultaneously. SmartAnalytics offers alerts to key events in real time, quick events search, and powerful business intelligence reports.

Valerus SmartAction Monitoring

Real-time event detections and alerts allow users to monitor and track pre-defined behaviors like loitering, suspicious objects, or asset removal.

Easy Event Valerus SmartSearch

Quickly search multiple channels of recorded video for specific post events and objects of interest.

Valerus Business Intelligence

Easily see statistical information regarding traffic volumes, traffic trends, motion patterns to gain valuable insights into your operations.

Seamlessly Integrate with Access Control

VAX is an intuitive, fully scalable access control system that integrates directly with Valerus, within a centralized interface. Your data remains unified, safe, and easy to access.

Full Video Integration

Integrate with Valerus for deeper situational awareness and more thorough, straightforward post-incident investigations.

Quick and Flexible Setup

From hardware to software, we’ve designed VAX so you can get up and running faster.

Easily Scalable 

Like Valerus, VAX offers quick and easy upgrades so your access control system can grow with your business, future-proofing your investment.

Software Tiers that Offer Ultimate Flexibility and Scalability

  • Up to 6 edge devices
  • Up to 5 concurrent clients
  • Up to 7 max recording days
  • Basic features
  • Up to 35 edge devices
  • Up to 10 concurrent clients
  • Unlimited max recording days
  • Standard features
  • Unlimited edge devices
  • Unlimited concurrent clients
  • Unlimited max recording days
  • Advanced features
  • Unlimited edge devices
  • Unlimited concurrent clients
  • Unlimited max recording days
  • Premium features
  • Video Analytics


Ready to see how Valerus can simplify your security?

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