Valerus Video Management System

The easiest VMS you’ll ever use.

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Reliable. Proactive. Intuitive
Valerus is a full-featured video management system engineered to streamline every aspect of your security operation. It’s loaded with powerful features to improve response times, expedite forensic searches and reduce ongoing maintenance costs. With its AI-driven analytics and deep integration with VAX Access Control, Valerus delivers a complete security solution for nearly every industry.
Why Valerus?
Intelligent Surveillance
Valerus is a powerful and intuitive VMS intended for users of all levels, designed for ease-of-installation, with an easy-to-use web-based interface and a standards-based true open-platform philosophy. Valerus delivers features for sophisticated live monitoring, centralized management and high-performance video recording.
Suitable for Any Skill Level
Valerus’ intuitive design overcomes the high demand for training and internal technical support when integrating a new system, allowing you to focus your resources on what’s important. When integrated with VAX Access Control, the result is a complete security solution that allows you to visually verify access control events.
IT Made Easy
Valerus is a centralized platform, so there’s no need to maintain custom software on numerous operator machines. With our auto-discovery tools, system health dashboard, and global programming options, setup and maintenance take a fraction of the time.
Forget Surprise Fees
There are no ongoing support fees or recurring costs. Our centralized licensing and Upgrade Protection Plan makes pricing simple and keeps your costs upfront. Combined with our powerful tools to streamline IT and bandwidth reduction capabilities, Valerus’ low cost of ownership is unmatched.
Key Features & Benefits