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For hospitals, clinics and medical centers, guarding patients’ health is priority one, but doing so in a safe and secure environment is also incredibly important. A major 2017 independent survey of hospital administrators reported that video surveillance, access control and visitor management solutions are three of the top four security technologies that facilities are investing in. Let Vicon serve as your partner in delivering end-to-end solutions to support all of these needs. Our systems are simple to deploy and equally simple to use, yet designed to effectively address the full range of your security challenges.

Healthy Surveillance

A safe facility begins with the right surveillance solution, one that allows for flexible and customized monitoring options. Vicon’s Valerus video management software is entirely web based, which means setting up viewing access is as easy as logging in through a browser window. System administrators control which cameras are visible for each user. Let security guards monitor cameras covering parking, reception and waiting areas, while staff at nursing stations keep an eye on patient wards.  Special monitoring may also makes sense for drug dispensaries, maternity wards, psychiatric wards and other highly secure areas.

Restricted Access

Vicon’s VAX Access Control provides a streamlined, cost-effective approach for controlling staff access to specific departments, wards, labs or offices. Badges can also be required to open drug cabinets, supply rooms and to use elevators or stairwells. VAX offers integration with Active Directory, making it easy for your IT team and HR department to assign and manage credentials for even the largest facilities, with thousands of employees. And, free integration between VAX and Valerus lets your security team automatically see video when employees access a restricted area.

Visitors are Welcome

Visitor management software makes it easy to keep tabs on visitors who are given access to patient wards, keeping track of who they are and automatically managing where they can go. Far more useful than just a visitor name tag or sticker, credentialed visitor badges can allow approved guests to access certain floors from the elevator, or pass through certain locked doorways without an escort, making it easier for them to visit their loved ones without compromising security.

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