Vicon Solutions for Small Businesses


Even with a modest budget, there’s nothing “small” about the features and performance that Vicon solutions can bring to your small business. Trust our Valerus system to keep an eye on whatever’s important – your lobby, parking lot, warehouse, service area or cash registers – while our VAX access control system can simplify management of building security and employee access.

Our fully scalable systems, affordable licensing plans and range of camera and hardware options deliver custom solutions tailored to your needs, all with a surprisingly low total cost-of-ownership.

Manage Security from Anywhere

When it’s your business, there’s no such thing as being “unplugged.” With Vicon’s web-based software, you can view cameras, play back video and see who’s been in and out of your facility from anywhere. Enjoy a full suite of management capabilities from your smartphone or laptop. Plus, with Valerus and VAX, there’s no need to purchase special monitoring stations for your office. Our solution operates on any current Windows device.

Cameras for Any Budget

Our wide range of cameras lets you choose just the right models to meet your needs, and can save you money in surprising ways. Panoramic models cover the area of four or more traditional cameras, reducing the expense of hardware, installation and licensing costs. HD analog cameras offer the same high resolution as IP cameras, but offer a more cost-effective migration path for customers transitioning from an older system. Need night vision, cameras that can withstand vandalism or extreme weather? We’ve got those too, in a range of resolutions, housings and price points.

Thinking Ahead

Our Vicon solutions are designed to grow with your business. Opening a second location? Vicon makes it easy to manage both facilities from a single interface. Need to connect more cameras or doors? No problem. With Vicon solutions, the software you invest in today will continue to work as your network expands, with no limits on how large you can grow.

Learn More

Read how Play Dog eXcellent (PDX) in Chattanooga, TN, uses Valerus VMS to successfully enhance security of the dogs and property, monitor the performance of staff members interacting with the dogs and provide video of dog behavior for use in staff training.