National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) Vicon Position Statement

To address a security risk, an Interim Final Rule of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for the Fiscal Year 2019 was made effective on August 13, 2019. Section 889 contains the Prohibition on certain telecommunications and video surveillance
services or equipment from specific vendors.

Vicon Industries Inc. (“Vicon”) is committed to providing NDAA Section 889 compliant products and does not have OEM, ODM and JDM relationships with the named vendors in the NDAA.

The following Vicon cameras and network video recorders (NVRs), which do not use or deploy essential or critical components covered from banned component vendors, are compliant with the NDAA. These products will be included in Vicon’s GSA contracts
and are recommended for US Government applications that are subject to the NDAA.

Vicon’s compliance product list below will be regularly updated on Vicon’s website.

Product Models
Box Cameras V2008-W-NL, IQB92WI-A5, IQB95NI-A6
Bullet Cameras V2002B-W313MIR, V2005B-W313MIR, V2008B-W310MIR, V2102B-W313MIR,
V2105B-W313MIR, V922B-W551MIR-A1
Dome Cameras V2002D-W313MIR, V2005D-W313MIR, V2008D-W310MIR, V2102D-W313MIR,
PTZ Cameras SN673V-B, SN240D, V672-PTZ
Panoramic Cameras V2360W-12
Micro-Domes V2002D-W28IR, V2005D-W28IR
Mini-Bullets V2102B-W28IR, V2105B-W28IR
Specialty Cameras V-CELL-HD-B
HD Analog Cameras V672-W-NL, V672V-W312MIR-1, V672D-W312MIR, V672B-W312MIR
Recording Servers Valerus VLR-1TB-A-RK, VLR-2TB-A, VLR-2TB-A-RK, VLR-4TB-A, VLR-4TB-A-RK, VLR-6TB-A, VLR-6TB-A-RK, VLR-8TB-A, VLR-8TB-A-RK, VLR-10TB-A, VLR-10TB-A-RK, VLR-12TB-A, VLR-12TB-A-RK, VLR-14TB-A, VLR-14TB-A-RK, VLR-16TB-A, VLR-16TB-A-RK, VLR-20TB-A,
VLR-20TB-A-RK, VLR-11TB-R5-A, VLR-17TB-R5-A, VLR-22TB-R5-A, VLR-34TB-R5-A, VLR-53TB-R5-A, VLR-62TB-R5-A, VLR-83TB-R5-A, VLR-104TB-R5-A, VLR-125TB-R5-A, VLR-174TB-R5-A, VLR-218TB-R5-A, VLR-262TB-R5-A,
Recording Servers ViconNet VPK-SANV8-A, VPK-SANV8-B-RK, VPK-6TBV8-A, VPK-6TBV8-B-RK, VPK-12TBV8-B-RK, VPK-11TBV8-R5-1, VPK-17TBV8-R5-1, VPK-34TBV8-R5, VPK-62TBV8-R5, VPK-83TBV8-R5, VPK-125TBV8-R5, VPK-174TBV8-R5, KS2B1-4TBV8, KS3B1-4TBV8, KS2-4TBV8, KS3-4TBV8, KS3-6TBV8