Network Hardware Accessories

Additional system components enhance the functionality and ease-of-use of an installation. In some instances, they are a small, but critical components to ensure your system is running smoothly. Vicon offers high-performance hardware accessories to help your system continuously deliver.  

Network Switch

24-channel network switch by Netgear
A network switch with 24 channels designed by Netgear. It has LAN connection and Power-over-Ethernet+ with a maximum power of 190W distributed between the 24 ports. It also includes two SFP ports.
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Network/Serial Keypad

A desktop-style, multi-function system controller designed to operate with Valerus and ViconNet systems.
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Widescreen LED Monitors

 Widescreen LED monitor.
Widescreen LED monitor
Vicon offers an LED monitor that delivers clear, crisp video. Designed with a wide-screen for high definition, the monitor displays the detail captured by megapixel cameras and allows for multi-camera displays. A choice of mounting options are available, including desk, or wall using a standard VESA wall-mount kit.
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Fiber-Optic Media Converters

 Fiber-optic media converter FMC-TRM series.
Fiber-optic media converters FMC-TRM series
The FMC-TRM series extends the range of Ethernet IP network from 328 feet (100 m) to 2 miles (3 km).
The converter is AC/DC powered, requires no in-field optical adjustments and has lifetime warranty.
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Fiber optic media converter FMC-TRRM series.
Fiber-optic media converters FMC-TRRM series
The FMC-TRRM series extends the range of Ethernet IP network from 328 feet (100 m) to 2 miles (3 km). The converter is interchangeable between standalone or rack-mount use, hot-swappable rack modules, requires no in-field optical adjustments required and has lifetime warranty.
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Fiber-optic media converter FMC-RK rack mount card cage.
Fiber-optic media converters FMC-RK rack-mount card cage
The FMC-RK card cage provides voltage transient protection on all power and signal input/output lines provides unconditional protection from power surges and other voltage transient events. It has an automatic electronic current limiting feature, 14 hot-swappable rack slots and lifetime warranty.
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External Alarm Inputs and Outputs

 ADAM 6050.
ADAM 6050
The ADAM input-output device allows external alarms to seamlessly connect to a Valerus NVR, Valerus Client, ViconNet NVR, ViconNet Workstation or the ViconNet Kollector DVR series.
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