Vicon Support Lifecycle Policy

Our standardized Vicon support policies for products.


Vicon offers mainstream support for six years from the date of discontinuation of the product. Although the product may still be eligible to receive tech support, there will be no further changes or software updates to the product once it is discontinued.

If you have any questions regarding support for a product, please contact your Vicon Sales Representative. It is possible the product and/or software may be eligible for an upgrade or current equivalent.

Products No Longer Eligible for Tech Support

* Note this does not relate to actual product repair. For questions regarding repair eligibility please send email to or call 1-800-348-4266, Option 4

All VDR series products.

All PC based products over 6 years (based on the mcode sticker)

All HD-Express & Express series products

All analog Matrix, Mux, and Quad series products (including VPS, V12XX, V13XX, V14XX, V15XX and V66XX series products).

All Kollector series products

All Windows XP based products

ViconNet software support is only available for version 8.3

All VN-RAID series – front of machines say ”EonStor”

All KOL1 Series products

All KOL Series RAID products (IE; UltraTrak RMXXX Series)

All Aurora Series products

All Digitek Series products

All Professional Series products (including 7000 Series Controllers and 6000 Series Pan & Tilts)

All individually motorized zoom lens products

All Surveyor Series products – including SVFT, SN-HD and MKII

All (non-dome) motorized Pan & Tilt products

All VCR models

All Phase 8 Series products

All SMS Series products

All ViconNet based cameras, encoders and decoders

All I-Onyx series cameras

All V96X series cameras

All V910 series cameras

Obsolete IQeye products

IQD4x camera series

IQERx record system series

IQETEx camera and kits



IQNVRx software


IQRS2SNEx system lens

IQVAVVV1Px video alarm

IQ04x camera series

IQ101x camera series

IQ30x camera series


IQ501x camera series

IQ51x camera series

IQ54x camera series

IQ60x camera series

IQ70x camera series

IQ71x camera series

IQ72x camera series

IQ73x camera series

IQ75x camera series

IQ8x camera series

IQA1x camera series

IQA2 camera series

IQD3 series

IQM3 series

IQM5 series

IQD5 series

IQ7XX series

IQA3 series

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Vicon Virtual Patent Marking

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