Vicon Case Studies & Customer Testimonials

Browse our case studies and testimonials below to see how some of our customers have simplified their security and surveillance needs.

A&E Focused

Online Tools Simplify Specification and Design of City Hall’s Security Technology

Engineering firm benefits from comprehensive security system design tools and support
Public Education

Delaware Valley School District Invests in a Complete IP Upgrade

Vicon resolves education security challenges
Private Education

When It Comes to Security, a Historic Greek Orthodox School and Church Go High-Tech

Vicon security solution delivers advanced features that are simple to use
Property Management

For Jasper Highlands Mountaintop Community, Security is More than a Luxury

Valerus and Vicon HD cameras deliver security and peace-of-mind
Safe Cities

Sinaloa, Mexico, Sees Connected Cities as Safer Cities

Valerus Delivers Secure, Responsive Statewide Surveillance Solution
Religious Institutions

The World’s Largest Cathedral Trusts Vicon to Deliver World-Class Security

Valerus VMS Platform Makes Security Monitoring More Simple and Efficient
Small Businesses

These Canine Care-Givers are Dogmatic about Security

Vicon’s Valerus Delivers Performance and Value to Chattanooga’s Play Dog eXcellent
Public Education

Prepared for Any Emergency, Louisa County Public Schools Enhance Security with Vicon Solution

Schools and Police Combine Security Efforts with Valerus
Public Education

Hemet Public School District Focuses on Ensuring a Safe Learning Environment with Vicon’s Intuitive VMS Solution

Safeguarding the future with Valerus as the district-wide VMS solution
In the Words of Vicon Customers…

Fairbanks International Airport

"Since we’ve installed the system, TSA violations through unsecured doors have gone to zero. Our use of video analytics for back flow prevention is really an incredible use of technology.”

- Mike Supkis, Police and Fire Chief

Sagamore Hill, Home of Theodore Roosevelt

"Vicon gives us peace of mind that Teddy Roosevelt’s treasures will be protected and preserved for future generations.”

- Susan Sarna, Museum Curator and Director of Security

Museum of London

"The networkability of the Vicon system has put us in total control of what we want to do.”

- Steven Cox, Head of Security

Dow Jones

"Dow Jones was impressed with the product and the quality, but the key for them was Vicon’s history of international support. No one else could match it.”

- Jim Tapp, Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Loyola University

"Among the 15 different IP camera models, our committee felt the IQeye was the best camera for the cost, but it also had the best image quality overall.”

- Frank Dale, Manager of Electronic Security