Vicon Solutions in Safe Cities


The move toward “smart cities” goes hand-in-hand with “safe cities.” As technology enables communities to better integrate and manage the systems that support their operations and infrastructure, public safety is among the top beneficiaries. Vicon’s security solutions provide a perfect platform for integrating city-wide video surveillance with a range of security and life-safety systems. Built upon true open standards, Vicon’s Valerus video management software is designed to facilitate collaborative operations, while its thin client, browser-based software interface makes it highly cost-effective, simple to install and easy to maintain, even for the largest installations.

Connected Cameras

Vicon’s Valerus video management solution allows law enforcement to access and manage video from an unlimited number of cameras, both from central operation centers and on mobile devices. In city parks to parking lots, shopping districts, public buildings, traffic cameras and transit hubs, Vicon’s wide selection of cameras and flexible software provide affordable, scalable solutions. Valerus software requires no recurring licensing fees, supports the latest super high-definition cameras, and makes the most efficient use of bandwidth and storage through H.265 encoding.

Respond with Confidence

Officers and first-responders can use smartphones and tablets to view video from on-the-scene cameras before arriving to assist in an emergency. Situational awareness lets everyone be prepared for whatever support might be needed.

Manage Efficiently

Thousands of cameras may span a city’s network, but having just one down at the wrong time, at the wrong place, can make all the difference in an emergency. A system-wide health monitoring dashboard, included within Valerus video management software, keeps tabs on all system devices, alerting administrators to any cameras or recording devices that are not operating as they should. By facilitating daily, proactive, system-wide performance assessments, communities can trust that all the cameras they see can also see them.

Integrated Systems

Valerus integrates with a wide range of surveillance solutions including license plate recognition, gun-shot geo-locator software and analytics engines. Adding these capabilities to a city-wide surveillance help system operators function more efficiently and effectively, and can automate appropriate responses to triggering events.

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