Vicon Solutions in Non-Profit Organizations


Operating on tight budgets and committed to a greater good, non-profits often have less funding for operations and infrastructure. Vicon works with non-profit organizations to provide affordable, highly-effective and simple to deploy security solutions that allow administrators to stay focused on their mission without undervaluing security concerns.

Small to Enterprise, and Everything In Between

Whether you’re part of a local, community-based non-profit or head of security for a nationwide organization, Vicon’s end-to-end video surveillance and access control systems are the smart choice for protecting buildings, property and employees. Our web-based software and affordable licensing plans keep purchase, installation and maintenance costs well within budgets and allow for remote monitoring and management, including from mobile devices.

Effective Organizations Value Strong Security

For non-profits that interface with the public, visible security displays a level of professionalism and seriousness. It demonstrates that your organization values the security of employees and the community you serve, as well as the physical assets that keep your organization running effectively.

PR Possibilities

Repurpose video from security cameras to generate awareness of your organization. Stream video from events at your facility to encourage community engagement or to highlight aspects of your organization’s fieldwork. If a picture can say 1000 words, imagine just how much video can say.

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Read how Charleston’s Coastal Conservation League’s Pelicam uses Vicon’s Cruiser camera with 20X zoom to bring wildlife up close.