ViconNet Video Management Software is a High-Performance, Open-Platform Solution

Available Now: A Gateway tool to bridge designed to allow bridging existing ViconNet systems to Valerus, offering a simple migration path. Keep your investment in ViconNet while modernizing your system and taking advantage of the open-platform, browser-based Valerus VMS interface.


ViconNet to Valerus Gateway Tool Overview Webinar
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ViconNet video management software solution.

ViconNet is an open-architecture, feature-rich IP video management software (VMS) solution that delivers complete access to live and recorded security video across your network.

Supporting industry-standard compression and transmission formats, including H.264, ViconNet displays and records clear, high-resolution video while minimizing bandwidth and storage requirements.

Cameras can be viewed and controlled using ViconNet video management software, which is managed using one of several intuitive interfaces: Vicon Mobile for on-the-go access from smartphones and tablets, a web browser-based option and a desktop viewer. It also features an administrative workstation for advanced operator tools and the ability to control a smart wall.

Key ViconNet VMS Benefits and Opportunities


  • Streamlined recording management allows quick and easy setup of recording tasks.

  • Intuitive search function allows users to quickly find devices.

  • Event and alarm management combines video with data from a wide range of security systems into a unified SQL database.

  • Easy archive wizard makes it a snap to create authenticated archives for playback on any PC.

  • Monitor your ViconNet system anywhere using a smartphone, tablet or web browser.

  • Automatically resizes the monitor display to maximum resolution even when moving between monitors. 

  • Support of museum search on IQeye and Vicon cameras, and analytics on IQeye cameras.


  • ViconNet has been a critical component in securing thousands of installations worldwide.

  • Professional Services give you peace of mind. Our unique program ensures ease of installation, consistent performance and long-term reliability.

  • Vicon’s line of compatible hardware and edge devices ensure a complete solution and single point of support.


  • With recent software upgrades, ViconNet now has significantly higher camera density thereby reducing cost per channel. 

  • Start small by downloading free JUMP for up to six cameras. Mid-size installations benefit from ZONE with up to 35 cameras. Enterprise-level systems rely on PEAK, offering unlimited scalability. 

  • Network multiple NVRs to build an enterprise scale system.

  • Software upgrades and software integration keep you current.

  • An open-platform system and compatibility with a wide range of products allows for easy system expansion and versatility.

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Overview of ViconNet Components

The ViconNet solution is optimized for your needs, with your choice of components,
that delivers consistent performance and reliability.

Looking to build a complete surveillance solution? View our solutions to learn more about employing an entire ViconNet system.

At Vicon, we realize that selecting a security system marks the beginning of a long-term relationship. You’ve chosen a system in which to place your trust for years to come and while your security needs change over time, Vicon offers you a program to future proof your system.

With the release of a new video management Valerus software, Vicon is committed to offering you a one year maintenance and migration plan that will ensure you keep pace with our latest ViconNet upgrades as well as converting to Valerus. Learn more.

Third-party opportunities for ViconNet

Third-party integration software

Third-party integration software

With an open application programming interface (API), ViconNet VMS can easily be integrated with third-party software. This enables customers to install additional functionality to help provide additional security or to streamline processes.

Development of new software is only limited by creativity. Inspiration is the key element in generating technological innovation.

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Third-party cameras

Third-party cameras

Vicon products are compatible with a wide range of third-party cameras, giving customers the freedom of choice to reuse their existing cameras or use cameras that meet specific system requirements.

This is ideal for customers who are transitioning from analog to IP, as they can use their existing analog cameras while overtime replacing them with new IP devices.

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ONVIF compliant

Vicon products follow ONVIF standard to ensure our commitment to a global standard and interoperability between products in the industry.

Vicon ONVIF-certified products

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