ViconNet Legacy Support

Although ViconNet is now classified as a legacy product, Vicon still offers mainstream software support for version 8.3. While customers who have ViconNet 8.3 are still eligible to receive tech support, there will be no further changes or software updates moving forward.

If you have any questions regarding support for this product, please contact your Vicon Sales Representative. It is possible the product and/or software may be eligible for an upgrade or current equivalent.

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Meet Valerus

Valerus provides all the features users count on to make their jobs easier and more intuitive.

Its sophisticated—yet simple and flexible interface—helps you monitor video, audio, alarms, access control, license plate recognition (LPR), and system health, in real-time. Plus, it exponentially reduces the time you spend on post-incident investigations, and allows you to deploy and maintain your surveillance infrastructure with ease.

Valerus software runs on a variety of platforms—from a small independent Workstation, to a Vicon Application Server, to a large-scale virtual machine—to meet any customer application.

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