Integrated Thermal Imager and PTZ for Intrusion Detection and Object Tracking

This new emerging technology for situational awareness provides actionable intelligence for quick suitable responses.

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Get actionable intelligence for quicker responses

The VTR thermal camera sensor with the SN683D PTZ delivers integrated guarding technology that provides a live 360-degree surveillance feed that continually searches for intruders in an expansive area. When the thermal radar recognizes a threat, the PTZ will automatically locate it for immediate confirmation and forensic coverage.


The thermal sensor does the work of multiple fixed cameras, decreasing the number of security personnel needed to monitor critical areas.

This figure illustrates better perimeter coverage with just one sensor vs.8  fixed thermal cameras. Establish a perimeter anywhere and the rotating thermal sensor provides continuous thermal coverage, securing your business borders.


How It Works

A typical system includes the items below. Each item is sold separately:

  • Thermal Sensor unit (choice of lens focal length)
  • SN683D-WIR PTZ Dome Camera
  • 1 VLR-TRIA integration appliance for each thermal sensor that integrates the thermal sensor-PTZ combination with Valerus VMS
  • Mounting Accessory according to the installation type (wall, gooseneck or roof mount as well as corner and pole mounting brackets)

Thermal Sensor Detection Radius by Model

We offer four powerful options to suit your security needs.


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