Thermal Body Temperature Measurement Camera

Vicon’s Thermal Body Temperature Measurement Camera is designed to detect elevated skin temperature so businesses can accurately screen access points.

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Advanced Contactless Temperature Measurement

Designed to help screen people for high temperatures, the V1110B-THM-TEMP thermal camera provides contactless body temperature detection for single or multiple people with a stunning accuracy of ±0.54° F (±0.3° C). This powerful, dual-spectrum camera alerts operators to critical events, such as a high temperature detection or individuals without a mask, and provides a snapshot so operators can quickly and easily identify the individual for further screening and verification.

Product Highlights

  • Accuracy within ±0.54° F (±0.3° C)
  • Blackbody calibration tool improves accuracy
  • Alerts operators to high body temperatures and records images of the face
  • Includes facial mask detection and alarming
  • Resolution: Thermal 400 x 300 / Visible 2 MP (1920 x 1080)
  • Bi-spectral 8 mm (thermal) and 2.7-12 mm motorized (visible) lens
  • Response time of 30 milliseconds
  • Intelligent function alarms: smart body detection, perimeter, line cross, object left/object removed

Protection for your employees, customers and businesses.

As businesses begin to reopen after the COVID-19 crisis, it’s critical to safeguard your employees, customers and your business. The V1110B-THM-TEMP camera helps organizations identify at-risk individuals before they interact with students, patients, customers, and employees.

This camera is designed for a wide range of applications including offices and multi-tenant buildings, schools and universities, hospitals and extended care facilities, airports and transportation depots, correctional facilities and retail establishments.


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