Biometric Kiosk

Move your access control system into the future. Vicon now delivers powerful biometric facial recognition, providing improved safety and precise dual authentication.

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Thermal Biometric Kiosk

Product Highlights

  • Can be used as a standalone device or with other card access platforms
  • Facial recognition with Wiegand credentials
  • 99% face recognition rate and 0.2 second recognition time
  • Can store up to 30,000 contacts and 60,000 snapshots
  • Also measures for potentially elevated temperatures and no mask detection
  • NDAA compliant

Superior Facial Recognition Access Control

Advanced Facial Recognition Technology

Boasting a powerful recognition rate of only 0.2 seconds, the facial access control device provides highly accurate and rapid contactless identification via an AI algorithm. It quickly identifies known targets and can store up to 30,000 contacts and 60,000 snapshots for thorough and detailed investigations or manual identification.


Seamless Configuration

The Biometric Kiosk reads one target at a time and is intended for low-traffic entrances such as employee checkpoints.

The ideal mounting height for the kiosk is 4.5 feet high (1.4 meters). For accurate readings, it is recommended that individuals stand 2-3 feet (approximately up to 1 meter) in front of the kiosk.

This device is powered via 12VDC or the Wiegand output and can be used in a wide range of applications.


Dual Authentication

When integrated into your access control system, it provides increased safety and protection of your facility via dual authentication.
Dual authentication requires both a face read from the kiosk and a card swipe from the reader to have access granted or denied. The granted access is based upon stored credentials in the internal facial recognition database.


Precise Anti-Spoofing

Anti-spoofing ensures that the stored credentials used to authenticate entry aren’t deceived. The camera intelligently depends on the liveness of the individual to validate entry. These checks help validate whether an individual is physically present or using a photo to spoof the system.

More Than Just Access Control

The Biometric Kiosk can also be leveraged to detect elevated temperature or if a target is not wearing a mask.

Engineered to help screen people for high temperatures, it provides contactless body temperature detection with forehead readings of approximately ±0.9° F / ±0.5° C accuracy and thermal response time of ≤100 milliseconds. If an elevated temperature or no mask is detected, the kiosk can send customizable audio and visual messages to ensure the appropriate next steps are taken.


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