Introducing Advanced Edge Analytics

We’ve included numerous robust edge-based analytics to various cameras within our portfolio that can be configured to generate alarms specific to your security operation.


Advantages of Advanced Edge Analytics

Simple Setup and Configuration
Vicon’s Advanced Edge Analytics have a straight-forward configuration screen that can save you hours on initial setup.
Proactive Detection
Receive real-time alerts and easily configure event settings to ensure you get the alerts that matter most to you.
Streamline Investigations
Combined with your VMS, you can quickly find critical events during your investigations.

Featuring a Variety of Advanced Rules

Crowd Detection

Alerts you when a specified number of people gather in the designated area.

  • Easily configure minimum amount to consider a crowd.
  • Define the event duration so it triggers only when crowds form for a specified length of time.


Receive instant alerts when someone loiters in a user-specified area.

  • Easily configure minimum time required to trigger alert.
  • Classify to trigger only on human or vehicles.

Suspicious Object Left

Receive notifications when a suspicious object is left behind.

  • Advanced AI recognizes when an object enters the scene.
  • Ideal for airports, train stations and other public places to detect unattended baggage and suspicious objects.

Object Removed

Receive notifications when an object is removed.

  • Advanced AI recognizes when an object is removed from the scene.
  • Ideal for loss prevention and securing items in industries like government, industrial facilities and retail.

Intelligent Motion Detection

Reduce false alarms with self-learning motion detection.

  • Advanced AI filters out repeated movement like waves, lighting changes or tree movements to reduce false alarms.
  • Ideal for real-time alerts, triggering recording in NVRs or forensic investigations.

Wrong Direction

Receive immediate alerts when a person or vehicle travels in the wrong direction.

  • Ideal for crowd management and traffic surveillance.
  • Easily specify to trigger only on humans or vehicles (or both).

Line Cross

Trigger events when someone or something passes a defined line.

  • Ideal for monitoring building entrances, loading docks and parking lots.
  • Easily specify to trigger only on humans or vehicles (or both).

Products Featuring Advanced Analytics


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