Technical Sales Support & Service

Vicon offers technical and sales support to our partners around the world. Our team is ready to assist you with whatever challenge you may face.

We’ll Take Care of Your Surveillance System. You Take Care of Your Business.

Vicon has been supporting business surveillance needs since the 1970s, making us one of the most experienced tech support teams in the industry. Our goal is to keep your cameras, VMS and access control system running at peak performance. Our US-based team has expertise in both IT and security technologies and have over 150 years of combined expertise in the industry. Our technical team leader has been with Vicon for 35 years! Our specialists are tech-savvy problem-solvers that go the extra mile for you.

We offer the latest technical support techniques for your surveillance system which will:

We Offer Full-Service Expert Security Support Services

Hardware • Software • Troubleshooting • Consulting

  • Field Services and Project Engineering
  • New System Commissioning
  • Technical Consulting
  • System Health Assessments
  • Onsite Troubleshooting
  • Certified Dealer Training
  • Pre-configuration for Security Components

We work hard to maximize efficiency by leveraging enterprise level support tools. We offer scheduled support calls and call back services to ensure the best customer experience. The help you need — right at your fingertips. Problem solved.

How to use Technical Support

The mission of Vicon’s Technical Services Team is to provide world class technical support to our customers and exceed their expectations. Our customers can expect prompt and professional support with the goal of making them knowledgeable and successful with our product line.

To ensure that you get the help you need as quickly and conveniently as possible, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Check online: Before calling Vicon Technical Support, remember that we have a wide variety of online help tools, including Technical Bulletins, manuals and guides, data sheets, specifications, calculator tools, as well as video tutorials and demonstrations.
  2. Check your product eligibility: Please ensure that your product has not been discontinued or terminated, as our current support policy means we only support active products.
  3. Know your Customer ID number: Please ensure that you know your Customer ID number when calling Vicon Technical Support. If you don’t have this number, your call will be forwarded to your local Vicon sales representative who will need to confirm that you are a Vicon partner that is eligible for support.
  4. Know your ticket number
  5. Submit your ticket online
  6. Visit the Knowledgebase
  7. Visit the Google Help Forum

Technical Support


1-800-348-4266, ext. 5

+44 (0)1489 566300

Outside the US and Europe
1-631-952-2288, ext. 5

Asia Pacific
+65 81983309


International Tech Support is provided 24/7 via callback. Please click the button below to request technical support assistance. A Vicon representative will contact you at Vicon’s expense.

Software Registration Assistance


1-800-348-4266, Option 4

Outside the US and Europe
1-631-952-2288, Option 4


 Send email to request assistance with software registration.

Please note that support is provided M-F between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Eastern Time. Please keep this in mind when indicating a desired call-back time.

Order Tracking

Order tracking is only offered for products shipped from Vicon’s New York office. If you placed your order from one of our other locations, please contact your local sales representative for assistance.

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Vicon Service and Parts: US and International

Genuine factory replacement components

Contact your parts coordinator at extension 369 to inquire about procuring piece part or sub-assemblies required to meet your specific servicing needs.

Correspondence via email can be accomplished by sending your specific requests to  Voice mail capabilities exist to compliment your business transactions.

To help assist you:

  • Please have your six (6) digit product code and serial number available when calling for assistance. The product code can be found on the silver or white label attached to the main chassis. For some models the label may be affixed to the inside of the unit. Should the product code not be available, the model number and / or model family name may be found on the front or top panel.
  • When dealing with printed circuit boards and / or plug-in cards, the first ten (10) digits of the twelve (12) digit board part number will help us identify your product. The board number takes the form: xxxx-xxxx-xx-xx.
  • If neither of the above identification methods are available to you a digital photo and a follow up conversation will allow us the best opportunity to help with your component request.

Product Servicing

Should servicing be required, we offer several Factory Authorized Service Centers in the continental United States. We also offer the services of an additional center in Canada. By simply contacting the Service Repair Coordinator at extension 384, the service location that best meets your need will be identified. For our customers that are familiar with the Service Center Network please do not hesitate to contact them directly; a complete list of Service Centers can be found below. For your added convenience, correspondence can also be initiated via email address or, when the circumstances permit, by taking advantage of our voice mail capabilities.

To help assist you:

  • When returning product or parts to Vicon Corporate Headquarters please ensure that the Return Authorization (RA) or Part (PT) return number issued to you is clearly indicated on the outside of the carton.
  • For your convenience Vicon offers a Flat Repair Fee for many of our out of warranty products when servicing is performed at Vicon Corporate Headquarters. This fee covers material and labor needed to service your product. Should you choose, the need to be contacted by Vicon to request a purchase order may be avoided if it is supplied at the time of the RA request. Under no circumstances will Vicon proceed with your servicing request should the product incur additional charges needed to complete the servicing of your product.
  • To help expedite the servicing of your product please include within the shipping carton a detailed explanation of the symptoms and contact information for the person most familiar with the problem, should we need to have one of our technicians contact you to discuss the specifics of your service request.
  • Because select families of product are only serviced at Vicon Corporate Headquarters, please contact us directly if you are unsure as to which location can best meet your servicing needs.
  • For your convenience and review, the “Vicon Standard Equipment Warranty” policy can be found below.

Factory Authorized Service Centers

Audio Video Sys. Inc.
1860 Old Okeechobee Rd. #104
West Palm Beach, FL 33409
Tel: 1-800-367-1896
Tel: 561-686-4473
Fax: 561-689-5520

Video Experts
Customer Service

145 Barr Unit 2
ST. Laurent, Quebec
Canada H4T 1W6
Tel: 800-722-3973

Video Experts
Customer Service
400 Matheson Blvd E.,Unit 5
Canada L4Z 1N8
Tel: 800-722-3973

L.A.M. Technical Services Ltd
Contact: Kathleen or Marcel
18311 – 105 Ave., Suite 101
Edmonton, Alberta
Canada T5S 2K9

Call for an RA repair number
Tel: 780-447-2043
Toll-free in Canada: 1-866-447-2043
Fax: 1-866-401-7218

BT Services
11000 E. Rush St,STE2
South El Monte, CA 91733
Contact: Tam Tran/Jane Hayman
Phone 626-582-1678
Fax 626-529-0908

IQeye Family of Products

Product Servicing

Should servicing be required we offer Factory Authorized Service at our New York Facility. By contacting the Service Repair Coordinator at 1-800-348-4266, extension 384 or by emailing you can initiate a request for a Return Authorization (RA) number for the repair of “In” or “Out of Warranty” product. Should the circumstances permit you can take advantage of our voice mail capabilities during or after normal business hours.

Please, Help Us Help You:
Have ready your company, contact, unit specific information and special instructions should they be relevant to the servicing of your product. The service repair coordinator will send via email an RA document detailing the information we need to process your RA request. An RA number will be assigned and emailed to the person or organization initiating the request once the relevant information is offered to the service repair coordinator. Should the circumstances permit you can take advantage of our voice mail capabilities during or after normal business hours.

Special instructions may include but are not limited to:

1 – Detailed information of the unit problem or symptom.
2 – Contact information for the field service technician most familiar with the problem should afactory technician need to discuss technical issues while servicing your product.

The unit specific information required to issue an RA number can be found by locating the black product label with white characters and recording the MAC address and Model / Product Code.

MAC Address: 12 digits in the form, xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx
Example: 00:50:1A:01:23:45
Model / Product Code: 9 to 10 Alpha-numeric form.
Example: IQM53WR-B5

Should this information not be available the service repair coordinator can discuss how to proceed during your initial contact.

When returning product for servicing please ensure that the return authorization number is clearly noted on the outside of the carton and that a copy of the RA document is included within the shipping carton.

For your convenience the IQeye family of product offers a minimum Flat Rate Repair Fee of $300.00 USD per unit for out of warranty servicing. The flat rate repair fee covers material and labor associated with servicing your product. Freight charges are in addition to the flat rate repair fee. You may choose to expedite the repair process by issuing a purchase order number during your initial RA request for the minimum flat rate repair fee of $300.00 USD. Having approval to proceed with the servicing will eliminate the inherent delays associated with correspondence between companies when securing a purchase order during the repair process. Under no circumstances will servicing proceed should your unit incur additional repair charges beyond the minimum flat rate repair fee. The service repair coordinator will contact you and request approval to proceed with the repair at the revised charge.

Please take note:
1 -The minimum flat rate repair fee is an estimate and is subject to change after an in-house evaluation.

2 -The IQeye family of products is only serviced at our factory repair facility located at: 135 Fell Court, Hauppauge, NY 11788

Replacement Components

Should a piece part procurement be required we offer “Genuine Factory Replacement Components.” By contacting the Service Parts Coordinator at 1-800-348-4266, extension 369, or by emailing you can initiate a request to procure a piece part to meet your specific servicing or installation need. Should the circumstances permit you can take advantage of our voice mail capabilities during or after normal business hours.

To Help Assist You:
The unit specific information required to identify the components you are inquiring about can be found by locating the black product label with white characters and recording the MAC address and Model / Product Code.

MAC Address: 12 digits in the form, xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx
Example: 00:50:1A:01:23:45
Model / Product Code: 9 to 10 Alpha-numeric form.
Example: IQM53WR-B5

Should this information not be available a digital photo of the product and the specific component(s) required will help us help you.

In addition, have ready your company and contact information and special instructions should they be relevant to the component procurement.