ViconNet software registration


Register ViconNet video management software, Virtual Matrix Display Controller software and ViconNet Web/Mobile software

Please follow these steps prior to beginning the registration process:

1. Installing the software
If this is a first time installation, refer to the instructions provided with your product. If you are upgrading software, refer to the upgrade instructions posted on this web site. (Click here for upgrade instructions for ViconNet VMS, the VMDC software or the ViconNet Web/Mobile Software.)

2. Locate the license ID and password
Locate the license ID and password that was provided with your software. You will need this to complete the registration process.

3. Obtain the user codes for your software
You can find the codes by following these steps:

  • Open your software and click on the Setup tab. This will open a site selection window that lists all relevant devices on your network.
  • Click on the device for which you are registering software. This will open a Settings screen.
  • Click on the Registration button on the settings screen. Depending on which software you are registering, this button will appear in different locations within your setting options. When you click on Registration, a window similar to the one shown below will appear.
  • Under Registration Details you will find two user code (circled in red in the below image). Please record these numbers and keep them in a safe place for future reference. You will need to refer to them during the registration process.

Nucleus Third Party Camera License: Please note that adding third party licenses to an existing NUCLEUS will result in the existing third party quantity being overwritten. Therefore, BEFORE you License the Nucleus with the added quantity of Third Party Cameras, Vicon recommends checking the Registration page of your existing Nucleus machine to determine if it already has any Third Party Sites already existing. If so, contact our Software Registration Team to insure the Nucleus Third Party License is correctly updated. Call us  1-800-348-4266 Option 4.

If you are registering a ViconNet NVR or NVR Shadow with internal RAID, please make sure to configure the storage database after completing the registration process. If this is not done, the default settings may not provide adequate storage to handle the requirements of the installation. Refer to the Quick Manual that is provided with the unit or Configuring Storage Database Utilities in Chapter 3 of the Software Manual. These documents are also available online.

You are now ready to register your software.

Register Software