VAX registration


Register Vicon Access Control (VAX) software

VAX Customer Licensing Portal

Log into the customer portal as directed from our web site The login credentials are on the certificate from Vicon and will match the license ordered.

On first login, a user who has not yet been defined in the system will be asked to fill in details and have an option to change their password (this is the password for log in that matches the license/account number).

If you have already been defined in the system under a known customer, all licenses will be shown and you will need to pick required license (same number as the user ID they got from Vicon) and proceed.

Built-in Tutorial

Once all required fields are entered, the activation screen displays. User can click on the tutorial button to see an animated tutorial. The tutorial will walk through 4 simple steps. This process does not require the VAX system to be online.

Step 1

Log into their VAX system as they defined it.

Step 2

Browse to the licensing section in their system.

Step 3

Provide their account number as shown on the certificate. This will be shown later as their license number in case it is needed to contact Vicon.

Step 4 – Actual activation

On the VAX system, a request key will be shown that will be copied to the license portal; click the Update button to generate a response key.

The response key can be copied back to the VAX screen and the license will be activated.

Note: The key exchange is between the VAX system generating a request key and the customer portal using that request to generate a response.

Once activated

The information on the activated license is displayed and can later be used for additional activations (for example when re-licensing after a year).