Pre-configuration requirements



Vicon is pleased to offer pre-configuration services for its products. We realize the importance for our Channel Partners to meet installation deadlines, and therefore encourage Partners to collect configuration information during the early stages of project planning. Gathering this required information enables Vicon to pre-configure a system and empowers Partners to easily install a complete solution for their customer. The required information for pre-configuration of a system is:

System Component Requirement Example
IP Camera Unit / Device Name / IP Information /Compression Format / Stream Settings (I-Onyx Cameras) / Macro Information. Camera01 / North Hallway / / H.264 / 1280×1024 @ 15 FPS / Record to NVR1.
NVR, DVR, VMDC System Name, IP Information. NVR1 /

For a more in-depth understanding of each of the required components for factory pre-configuration, please review the following:

IP addressing scheme: Vicon recommends that all IP-based components of your ViconNet system make use of static addressing for management and administration purposes. Each individual device will require its own unique address.

System naming scheme: The ViconNet Nucleus, as well as DVRs, NVRs, Workstations, and Virtual Matrix Display Controller units all require a naming scheme that the end user will find intuitive. Each of these sites will be referred to within ViconNet via the “SYSTEM NAME.”

Camera naming scheme: ViconNet and I-Onyx cameras use a dual naming scheme that appears in the ViconNet “Site List.” This is essentially a directory tree of all the cameras attached to your system, broken up into two parts: “UNIT NAME” and “DEVICE NAME.” Professional Services orders require an entry for each. Please see the example below.

ViconNet's camera naming scheme.

Compression format: Applies to I-Onyx series cameras only (960, 980, etc.). For optimal compression and network throughput, Vicon recommends the use of H.264 compression where available. If there is a specific need for an alternate format (MPEG, JPEG), it should be noted while compiling configuration information for cameras.

Camera stream settings: Applies to I-Onyx series cameras only (960, 980, etc.). Each camera requires the configuration of resolution and frame -rate, as well as a specification of VBR (Variable Bit Rate) or CBR (Constant Bit Rate) encoding. Your sales representative will be able to provide the information used to design your system and meet the associated jobsite specifications. The number of available streams, supported frame-rates, and feature sets will vary from one model camera to the next.

Recording quality and FPS: Applies to cameras with embedded ViconNet firmware (910, Surveyor products) only. This field provides information needed to write a basic recording macro for your ViconNet cameras, and may be obtained based on the original storage and bandwidth calculations conducted by your sales representative. ViconNet quality ranges from highest (1) to lowest (8).

Assigned recorder: Indicates the intended NVR or DVR that will contain the recorded video for a given camera. As part of the pre-configuration process on a Vicon NVR or DVR-Hybrid, Vicon includes a basic recording macro to allow for immediate out-of-box operation. Note that units will ship with the “Scheduler” application disabled, and recording will only commence when enabled.

Recording stream: I-Onyx series cameras are capable of supporting multiple camera streams (depending on configuration). In the event that multiple streams have been configured, the designated recording stream should be indicated.

Installation location: Intended to assist in the installation of our products. All pre-configured orders will have a label noting the installation location of a given component affixed to the box that it ships in. This can be as simple or specific as the project manager prefers, from “Building XYZ” to “Second Floor Hallway West.”

Click here to download a sample of our configuration worksheets used to configure workstations along with ViconNet and I-Onyx cameras. Please use this for reference when collecting the required data for your new system. Once a purchase order has been received, the technical contact will be sent a custom worksheet reflecting the contents of your order. After completing and returning the worksheet, orders will typically ship within a two-week turnaround.

Click here for a printable PDF of this information.

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