IQeye image calculator

Determine what resolution and frames per second can produce the
appropriate number of images for specific surveillance needs.

High-resolution IQeye Cameras cover wider areas so subjects are in the field-of-view longer and more images can be captured. If you know what frame rate you are recording at, this calculator will tell you how many image you will capture when there is an event with different resolution cameras.


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What detail do you need to capture?
What Frame Rate are you recording at?
How fast will the subject be moving?
IQeye Coverage Area at 0 PPF Resolution
IQeye Resolution HFOV @ 40 PPF
VGA (640x480) 16 ft
HD720p (1280x720) 32 ft
HD1080p (1920x1080) 48 ft
3MP (2048x1536) 51 ft
5MP (2560x1920) 64 ft
  If you are recording at 10 frames-per-second and your subject is moving at 16 mph (23 Feet/Sec) you will capture:
Camera Resolution Images Captured
VGA (640x480) 7
HD720p (1280x720) 14
HD1080p (1920x1080) 21
3MP (2048x1536) 22
5MP (2560x1920) 28