IQeye Camera Forensic Field of View Calculator

Determine the approximate field-of-view (degrees) needed to achieve desired detail,
depending on where the camera is mounted.

If you know where the camera will be mounted, this design tool will help you determine the approximate field of view (degrees) you need in order to achieve the desired detail with a specific resolution IQeye camera. This can be very useful for selecting the right lens for your application.

Unit of Measurement

What detail do you need to capture?

General Detail
<20 pixels/foot
<66 pixels/meter

Forensic Detail
40+ pixels/foot
131+ pixels/meter

High Detail
80+ pixels/foot
262+ pixels/meter

Field-of-View (FOV) Ranges

Distance to Target

Camera Height

Camera Resolution



If you need General Detail and are using a 480p resolution camera mounted 20 feet away and 10 feet high,
you will need a lens that gives you a 71.2 degree horizontal field of view.