Video decoder VN-DECODER-2


The VN-DECODER-2V7 is an ideal companion to the ViconNet Virtual Matrix Display Controller (VMDC). Used in conjunction with the VMDC, network data is received and converted from a digital IP source to an output for display on any monitor with a DVI or HDMI input (a DVI output can be VGA using an adapter). This enables distribution directly to a monitor and offers an alternative display method to the PC-based client.

The device provides a cost-effective means to support remote or add-on viewing stations that require only live video display. Each VN-DECODER-2V7 supports up to two monitors, each with the ability to display up to 64 video streams on each monitor.

The VN-DECODER-2V7 fully supports system running ViconNet video management software (VMS). The decoder also supports monitor wall designs that are typical of large-scale video surveillance installations, such as casinos, correctional facilities, airports and hospitals.

Easy to install and configure
The VMDC allows for remote management and control of the VN-DECODER- 2V7 and connected monitors. This supports a flexible network topology, enabling decoder and monitors to be located at the same site, yet allows the location of the cameras, switches and control center to distributed sites. When used at an edge location, the video can be controlled and driven by a programmable logic controller (PLC) and IP keypad. The operator can also use the VMDC to route any camera on the network to any monitor connected to the VN-DECODER-2V7 on the network.


  • Ideal companion for a Virtual Matrix Display Controller
  • Part of scalable matrix control solution for small and large installations
  • Decodes digital IP data into analog for display on any monitor
  • Create large multi-monitor displays
  • Compact size fits easily in remote display areas with limited space
  • Connect up to two monitors to each unit; add more units for multiple monitor solutions
  • Supports 1080p high-definition; 16×9 viewing; H.264 compression
  • Control can be shared by multiple operators


Model numberDescription
VN-DECODER-2Decodes digital IP data into analog for display on any monitor

Mounting options

The VN-DECODER-2V7 can be conveniently mounted on a desktop or with a Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) approved bracket.

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