ViconNet 8.1 Update Offers Significant Enhancements

Vicon introduces the latest generation of our video management software, ViconNet 8.1, with improvements to system stability and interoperability. ViconNet 8.1 offers significant enhancements to the user experience and overall performance, delivering an exceptionally efficient and cost-effective solution for any size video security system.

An improved recording engine supports up to 1.5 times more channels per ViconNet NVR, reducing both the total number of NVRs required to handle recording in a system and the cost-per-channel factor, making ViconNet more affordable than ever.

ViconNet 8.1 improved the Vicon Basic Edge-Based Analytics to include bounding boxes around detected objects in live and playback video. Other enhancements include:

  • Museum Search with IQeye cameras
  • Support of a new keypad
  • Addition of alphabetical sort of user groups
  • Open alarm dialog option