ViconNet Web and Mobile server


The ViconNet Web and Mobile server is designed to allow authorized security managers and operators to select and control video displayed from a browser-based or mobile application interface. The server acts as a gateway to the ViconNet network video system without any requirement to install and maintain client-based software.

The web viewer application uses a standard browser interface such as Internet Explorer®, Firefox®, Chrome™ and Safari®. The browser interface utilizes Microsoft®’s Silverlight® technology that eliminates any requirements to download a plug-in.

The mobile applications supports the use of Apple® and Android™ mobile devices, up to four streams on phones and nine on tablets*.

There are two user options for the ViconNet Web and Mobile server deployment. For up to 10 concurrent web users (no mobile users), it can run on the dedicated ViconNet Nucleus server. For installation with more than 10 concurrent users, it is required the ViconNet Web and Mobile Server runs on its own dedicated server.

Multiple ViconNet Web and Mobile servers may required to support a large amount of video streams.  The amount of servers required is dependent on a combination of factors:

• Type of video compression
• Resolution of video source
• FPS rate of video source
• Number of concurrent viewers and video streams needed

The combination of these factors will determine the system requirements, as additional servers may be required for large installations.

* The mobile application requires version ViconNet 6.6SP2 with Mobile update on the system used as a Web/Mobile Server.
** When multiple servers are used in a system, the Nucleus should be configured as a load balance server, which will allow it to transparently manage the load between all available servers while maintaining a single IP address for the users.


• Supports use of mobile phones and tablets running iOS or Android
• Web server provides a gateway to access the entire authorized ViconNet system through a single IP address
• Browser-based thin client interface for live and archived viewing
• Maximum of 16 live or playback video feeds on the web viewer
• Maximum of four/nine live or playback video feeds on a mobile phone/tablet (dependent on screen size)
• Easily select and view cameras from the device list or camera groups
• Supports display of up to 1080P resolution video streams
• Compatible with ViconNet version 4 and higher when running as a standalone server


Model numberDescription
VN-RMT-PC8Preconfigured tower PC that contains ViconNet Web and Mobile server software
VN-RMT-PC8-RKPreconfigured rack-mount PC that contains ViconNet Web and Mobile server software

**ViconNet Web and Mobile software can also be purchased as a software only download. For more information, visit the ViconNet Web and Mobile software page.


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