Viconnet Virtual Matrix Display Controller




The Virtual Matrix Display Controller (VMDC) is a self-contained, matrix control solution for ViconNet® video management software designed to provide users with the ability to direct network video to multiple monitor displays. The VMDC server is preinstalled with the VMDC software that enables operators to display any camera on any monitor connected to the network. Camera selection can be controlled via a dedicated keypad or by using the software interface. The user interface is designed to support a command center environment.

The VMDC server is the decoding component that enables the high-quality ViconNet remote network video streams to display sharp and clear, high-resolution images on multiple monitors in multiple locations. The VMDC is a scalable, cost-effective management solution and can be configured to display and control local and remote monitors. This means operators can display video on a remote monitor and easily share surveillance footage with colleagues.

Virtual Matrix Display Controller demo
Learn how to use Vicon’s Virtual Matrix Display Controller. Guy Arazi, Vicon’s Director of Product Management, demonstrates the interface and features.


  • Scalable matrix control solution for small and large installations
  • Create large multi-monitor displays
  • Tower and rack-mount configurations
  • Maximum of 150 video streams for each VMDC, regardless monitor segmentations
  • Compatible with IP keypads and programmable logic controllers (PLC)
  • Connect up to six monitors to each unit and add more units for multiple monitor solutions
  • Supports 1080P high-definition; 16 x 9 viewing; H.264 compression; ViconNet masking feature


Model numberDescription
VMDCV8-2RKVirtual Matrix Display Controller with two display outputs. Three rack-mount unit.
VMDCV8-4RKVirtual Matrix Display Controller with four display outputs. Three rack-mount unit.
VMDCV8-6RKVirtual Matrix Display Controller with six display outputs. Three rack-mount unit.
VMDCV8-2Virtual Matrix Display Controller with two display outputs. Tower unit.
VMDCV8-4Virtual Matrix Display Controller with four display outputs. Tower unit.
VMDCV8-6Virtual Matrix Display Controller with six display outputs. Tower unit.

*Virtual Matrix Display Controller software can also be purchased as a software only download. For more information, visit the Virtual Matrix Display Controller software page.


  • ViconNet video management software

Virtual Matrix Display Controller multi-station installation


This image illustrates a multi-station deployment with two Virtual Matrix Display Controller tower units deploys. Station 1 can be located on-site, while Station 2 is remotely located. Both stations can access video and view it on their own stations. However, both stations also have access to the Main Monitor Display and can view and control monitors on the Monitor Wall.

A typical scenario would be that operators would view video from local sites at their stations and one operator would control the VMDC.

This set up provides the following control options:

  • Monitor wall can be set up with any combination of camera window views
  • Operator can easily drag-and-drop a camera from a site list, group list or map
  • Operators have full control of all cameras and can easily be placed on any monitor


Network control keypad
Used to control ViconNet digital video management systems, including Virtual Matrix Display Controller (VMDC).


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