ViconNet Nucleus Server


A ViconNet Nucleus server acts as the center point of the distributed architecture of a surveillance system and connects all devices running ViconNet video management software (VMS).

The ViconNet Nucleus server has dedicated ViconNet Nucleus software preloaded in a desktop or space-saving one rack-mount chassis. The ViconNet Nucleus software provides an open platform that allows integration with IP cameras, including megapixel cameras, encoders and IP edge devices from numerous industry-leading manufacturers.

The software provides outstanding functionality and an intuitive interface for administrators, security managers and system operators anywhere on the network. For multi-site users, enterprise management options ensure efficiency.

Providing peace-of-mind

The ViconNet Nucleus maintains a master copy of all critical settings in the system that enables the entire system to work together virtually as a single entity. Each NVR, DVR and workstation maintains a current copy of the ViconNet Nucleus configuration settings, so that in the event of failure, the system will continue to operate without disruption. Updated information on the ViconNet Nucleus is always sent to all connected devices, so if the ViconNet Nucleus fail, distributed devices have the necessary data to operate until the ViconNet Nucleus is restored. In the case of failure, distributed sites will continue to run independently, and only management functions will be inaccessible.

When setting up a device, it is is automatically assigned as its own ViconNet Nucleus. For devices that share the network, the ViconNet Nucleus IP address can be used to connect to the same ViconNet Nucleus and form a consolidated system. This includes the ability to synchronize multiple devices with the ViconNet Nucleus time or update all the time settings to another time zone.

For most ViconNet surveillance systems, it is recommended that there be a dedicated ViconNet Nucleus server to handle all system management features. For ViconNet systems running more than five DVRs, NVRs or Workstations, it is required that the ViconNet Nucleus server operates on a dedicated unit to maintain optimal system performance.


• Solid-state, operating system hard drive provides enhanced reliability
• Available preinstalled on a one rack unit or tower PC
• Centralized management of all components of the system
• Safeguards operation of ViconNet systems when ViconNet Nucleus is disconnected
• Recommended for systems with more than five DVRs, NVRs or operational Workstations


Model numberDescription
VNUC-PCV8-RKHard drive with preloaded ViconNet Nucleus software – version 8; single license; rack-mount.
VNUC-PVV8Hard drive with preloaded ViconNet Nucleus software – version 8; single license; desktop.

*ViconNet Nucleus software can also be purchased as a software only download. For more information, visit the ViconNet Nucleus software page.

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