The Kollector Strike digital video recorder (DVR) combines a robust video management and storage solution that enables you to simultaneously capture, view and store high-quality, high resolution voice, video and data for a comprehensive security solution. The Kollector Strike helps security organizations reduce system ownership costs, streamline operations and deliver more effective security. Two models are offered: a removable hard drive model, which enables hot-swapping of drives on the fly, and the Kollector Strike Basic, which has internal hard drives.

The Kollector Strike has the power to bridge the transition from analog to IP camera installations. It can record 16 analog cameras and encode the analog inputs for use by the video management software (VMS). An additional eight IP channels can also be recorded, and managed by the system, all with real-time frame rates at four CIF resolution.

Built for reliability, usability, and low cost of ownership
Proven in daily operation in thousands of customer installations worldwide, the Kollector Strike features an embedded operating system designed for enhanced security and superior reliability. The ViconNet VMS, that powers the Kollector Strike, provides an open platform that allows integration with IP cameras, including megapixel cameras, encoders and IP edge devices from numerous industry-leading manufacturers.

Powerful software
ViconNet VMS provides outstanding functionality and an intuitive interface for administrators, security managers and system operators anywhere on the network. Multi-site users, in particular, benefit from the efficiency of enterprise management options.

A Kollector Strike SAN model is available that has external iSCSI RAID device connection capability to extend total recording time well beyond the limits of the internal storage. The system is designed to scale to thousands of cameras with additional Kollector Strike models or any of the ViconNet VMS products. Add storage or additional capability as it’s needed when it’s needed.


• Configured with ViconNet VMS
• Scalable from one to hundreds of recorders
• Support for high-definition video and megapixel cameras
• Real-time hybrid recording of up to 16 analog cameras and up to 8 additional IP cameras
• Support for third-party network cameras
• Embedded Windows® operating system for enhanced security and reliability
• M-JPEG, MPEG-4 and H.264 compression
• High-capacity internal storage
• Removable hard drive model option
• Multi-language application
• Advanced video authentication
• Integration with third-party management software using software development kit (SDK)


The removable drive Kollector Strike and Kollector Strike Basic models provide the same functionality, but do have some variations in layout and feature set, in addition to the hard drive removability. A Kollector Strike SAN model is available for use with an external RAID unit and has a slightly different rear panel. All models have the same height and width; the removable drive unit is slightly larger in depth.

All Models:
• 16 analog video inputs
• USB connectors: front panel and rear panel
• Sensor (four alarm inputs), relay control (four relay outputs), microphone (four audio inputs, one speaker output) and PTZ terminal block connections
• Multiple monitor connections

SAN Model:
• Additional network port for external iSCSI network RAID drive connection
• RS-232 port removable drives model
• Internal DVD drive
• Two storage drives; one bay for operating system (OS) drive

Kollector Strike Basic Model
• 1 storage drive; one bay for operating system (OS) drive Kollector Strike rear panel

Note that motherboards are subject to change and the current rear panel may differ slightly but will be similar. The Kollector Strike SAN version is similar, but has two RJ-45 connectors.

All models are 16-channel, hybrid DVRs preloaded with ViconNet 8 VMS and four-channel audio. All have user door with key lock.

Model numberModelChassis type/ rear paneHDD sizes (TB)SSDfps at 4 CIF
KS2-XTBV8Kollector Strike with removable drivesLong length/ 1 network port1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (KS3 only)Available as option240 @ ViconNet MPEG-4/120 @ H.264
KS3-XTBV8Kollector Strike with removable drivesLong length/ 1 network port1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (KS3 only)Available as option480 @ ViconNet MPEG-4/240 @ H.264
KS2B1-XTBV8Kollector Strike BasicShort length/ 1 network port1, 2, 3Standard240 @ ViconNet MPEG-4/120 @ H.264
KS3B1-XTBV8Kollector Strike BasicShort length/ 1 network port1, 2, 3Standard480 @ ViconNet MPEG-4/240 @ H.264
KS2-SANV8*Kollector Strike SANShort length/ 2 network portsNo database drivesStandard240 @ ViconNet MPEG-4/120 @ H.264; no internal hard drives for storage
KS3-SANV8*Kollector Strike SANShort length/ 2 network portsNo database drivesStandard480 @ ViconNet MPEG-4/240 @ H.264; no internal hard drives for storage

* The “SAN” models are configured for use with external SAN-RAID storage. XTB indicates the hard drive size in TB. For example, a 480 fps Kollector Strike with removable hard drives and 1 TB storage would have a model number of: KS3-1TBV7. The same unit with 3 TB storage would have a model of KS3-3TBV7.


Network keypad
Used to control ViconNet VMS, including Virtual Matrix Display Controller (VMDC) over an IP network or serial connection.


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