Vicon Basic Edge-Based Analytics

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Vicon’s suite of license-free basic edge-based analytics on IQeye cameras intelligently detects exception conditions or threats in real time, allowing security personnel to respond in a timely manner. Alerts can be automatically generated in real time for:

Edge-based detection being used.

  • Intelligent Video Motion Detection: Vicon’s Intelligent Video Motion Detection takes traditional Video Motion Detection to a new level. It reduces the number of false alarms by intelligently analyzing motion in a scene and filtering out false triggers, including lighting changes and non-human movements such as those made by animals and trees.
  • Intrustion Detection: Vicon Intrusion Detection analyzes real-time video from secure areas and perimeters to provide alerts upon unauthorized encroachment. Intrusion Detector filters out noise such as lighting variations and tree movements and issues real-time alerts upon detecting people or vehicle intrusions into a preconfigured zone.
  • Camera Tampering Detection: Vicon’s Camera Tampering Detector analyzes video from a camera in real time to identify camera failures or interference, including when a camera lens is partially or completely blocked or the field of view or camera angle has been altered. Alerting security personnel about tampering interferences with cameras allows security personnel to respond in a timely manner to maintain video recording for forensic purposes.

Enhanced Vicon Analytics

Our IQeye line of cameras has been offering on-board analytics supported by ViconNet since version 7.1 based on the IQanalytics application. With version 8.1, Vicon Basic Edge-Based Analytics has been enhanced to show bounding boxes around the detected objects in live and playback video and we have removed the fee and licensing requirements.

Support of the updated Vicon Analytics requires an update to the latest IQeye camera firmware dated March 2016 in addition to running ViconNet 8.1.

Vicon software at use.

Benefits of Analytics


  • Three license-free Analytics’ behaviors embedded on IQeye cameras and integrated with ViconNet 8.1 for quick and hassle free deployment in minutes
  • Comprehensive 24/7/365 coverage
  • Detects exception conditions or threats in real-time allowing security personnel to respond in a timely manner
  • Reduces unwanted false alarms by filtering out triggers from lightning changes and non-human movements, such as those made by animals and trees
  • Deter criminals and law breakers by proactively detecting abnormal situations
  • Increases productivity and efficiency of security personnel by indicating objects of interest


  • Border control and perimeter protection
  • Airports, ports, trains, subway stations, maritime and government institutions
  • Critical infrastructure
  • Landmarks, bridges, parks, monuments
  • Enterprise and commercial security
  • Retail stores
  • Entertainment, casinos and gaming

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