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Roughneck AI License Plate Recognition Cameras

Capture, store, and search license plates, and visually examine details like vehicle color, make and model in impressive 8 MP detail – all from a single camera.
Vicon boosts its centralized VMS platform by adding License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology to its portfolio. You can monitor your video, access control, and now your LPR events, from a single interface. All that data lives in one place, and you can see it all from a single window, so there’s no need switch between multiple tabs or monitors.

Vicon's LPR Cameras—available in both bullet and box form factors—are ideal for stop-and-go applications where cars do not exceed 15 MPH. Think gated entrances, drop-off/pick-up lines, parking garages, drive-thrus, and more.
Key Features
  • Features 4K (8 MP) resolution for indisputable identification
  • Recognizes license plates from over 70 countries
  • Search by plate for faster and easier investigations
  • See colors and fine details, even at night, with Starlight low-light technology
  • Get user-defined lists of license plates you want to be alerted to upon entry
  • Embedded LPR software increases server performance and bandwidth
  • Two cameras in one - get LPR and general surveillance in a single camera
Data/spec sheet (Bullet Camera)
Data/spec sheet (Box Camera Kit)
Setup and Integration Guide
A&E Spec (Bullet Camera)
A&E Spec (Box Camera/Housing)
Engineering Model
Quick Guide (Bullet)
Quick Guide (Box Camera Kit)
User Manual
Mounting Accessories Datasheet
Backbox Installation
V2008B-W310LPR Bullet8 MP3.6 – 10 mm
V2008B-W818LPR Bullet8 MP8 – 18 mm
V2008-W0950-LPR Box Camera Kit8 MP9 – 50 mm
ModelV2008B-W310LPR Bullet
Features8 MP
Zoom3.6 – 10 mm
ModelV2008B-W818LPR Bullet
Features8 MP
Zoom8 – 18 mm
ModelV2008-W0950-LPR Box Camera Kit
Features8 MP
Zoom9 – 50 mm