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Roughneck AI V-CELL Corner Camera

An anti-ligature, no-grip corner camera with crystal-clear 5MP resolution
The V-CELL High-Security camera includes an anti-ligature, no grip, stainless steel housing with an internal camera that provides crystal-clear 5 MP images in the harshest of environments. The IK10 impact-resistant design, and secure tamper-resistant mount, guarantee the camera remains protected and video will always be there when you need it.
Key Features
  • 5 MP delivers the industry’s highest resolution for this class of cameras
  • 2.4 mm lens provides a nice wide-angle view of the entire area
  • IK10 is the maximum rating for protection against vandalism and physical damage
  • Invisible IR eliminates the visible glow so resident will not be distracted or alerted that camera is on
  • Starlight low-light technology provides clear color images in extreme low-light conditions
  • Stainless steel water-resistant (IP66) design is corrosion-resistant and easy to clean
Upgrade your existing V-CELL to 5 MP!

For customers who already have a V-CELL camera, Vicon offers a modular upgrade that can be easily retrofitted into an existing V-CELL housing. Because the electronics are mounted on the removable front plate, there’s no need to remove the entire housing to install the new camera.