We know that you have heard about VAX Access Control.

But did you know about all these capabilities?

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1. VAX is the only access control system with built-in motion detection

Motion detection is often used above entranceways so that a door automatically opens as a person approaches. In access control, a motion detector is often used on the non-reader side of the door. This enables a person to leave through a door without pushing a Request to Exit button.

Traditionally, an external standalone motion detector is configured alongside the access control panel, requiring additional equipment and install. However, VAX controllers have the motion detection functionality built-in, enabling easier and more cost-efficient installation.

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2. VAX has an easy-to-install over-door controller module 

We know that installing an access control system can be time consuming. That is why we have designed our over-door controller with ease-of-installation in mind. The over-door controller does not require an external lock power supply, and can instead use lock power directly from the controller.

With less cabling, the over-door controller takes less time and manpower to administer and troubleshoot. VAX has on-board diagnostic tools that allow a single technician to test and review the network communication of an entire access control system.

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3. VAX can import a cardholder list for quick and seamless set up

Setting up a cardholder list often requires manual work and for large installation this can be a cumbersome process. VAX allows administrators to use the Card Import Utility to easily import a CSV file with a list of employees and their access control details.

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4. VAX has 16 crisis levels that can be configured for emergency situations 

The use of crisis levels can be used to trigger and set specific access control settings based on an emergency situation. This enables security operators to quickly lock doors and secure a facility, while simultaneously applying new levels of privilege to certain cardholders. VAX provides 16 different crisis levels that can be configured for any possible scenario and triggered for an entire installation or individual doors.

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5. VAX does not require port forwarding – and yes, that is a good thing!

Normally port forwarding is used to establish network connectivity via IP to an external device. The host server uses port forwarding to call out to find external controller devices. VAX simplifies the process by having the VAX controller call out and connect to the host server. This method is easy to configure and enables the controllers to swiftly get online.

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6. VAX door timezones are highly configurable and essential to good system design

Door Timezones are the backbone of a well designed access control system, as they determine the when and how for access through a door. Doors can be Secure (locked) and Unsecure (unlocked).

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7. VAX has two options for powering the second door lock

Single door and two door VAX controllers use the same board design but has different firmware. Here are two ways to power the second door.

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8. VAX has a responsive web design

Vicon’s VAX web-based interface offers a user-friendly visual interaction with proper sizing on your screen of choice.

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9. VAX supports multiple card formats

By supporting the industry standard along with several other custom formats the VAX system can easily replace a system without the usual huge accompanying cost of replacing all readers and cards as well.

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10. VAX supports importing a card database

Now with VAX, you can import a cardholder list for a new or retrofit installation.

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11. Triple Swipe Can Do Many Things Including Emergency Lockdown

For a higher level of security, VAX provides the Triple Swipe feature. The Triple Swipe function is the act of presenting a credential to a proximity reader in three successive and distinct swipes and having a controller action result.

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12. Above the Door Covers Are Available in Color Options

The VAX Over-the-Door controller is often mounted on the wall (on the non-reader side) just above the door it is controlling, which means the enclosure would be visible to personnel or any person accessing the door within viewing range.

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