Valerus VMS and VAX Security Access Control Systems

Powerful, Integrated Performance at No Extra Cost


Valerus, Vicon’s all new video management software (VMS) platform designed to deliver a simplified, completely hassle-free user experience, now offers seamless integration with VAX, our trusted security access control system. Valerus and VAX are each powerful in their own right, but together they’ll bring your video surveillance system to the next level.

Now, you can automatically link Valerus video clips with corresponding VAX Access Control events, and view them immediately within the VAX interface.  This integration is FREE to Valerus and VAX users, regardless of the number of cameras or card readers you have.


Here’s How It Works


Each camera managed within your Valerus video surveillance system can be associated with a specific door and card reader, enabling the VAX interface to automatically display Valerus video that correlates with each swiping event.


Enabling the integration is as simple as a mouse-click within the Valerus set-up and identifying the VAX server IP address. From then on, VAX can be immediately launched from a tab within Valerus.


Video linked to each event can be viewed live, as access events occur, or called up as recorded video simply by clicking on any past event within the VAX events report.

Video Verification Ups Your Security

When Valerus and VAX work together as an integrated solution, video verification becomes possible. Now, you can:

Confirm that each swiping individual actually matches the card holder’s identity

Make sure no piggy-backing entry occurs (two people entering on a single swipe)

Receive alerts and see who is being “denied access” in real time

Solutions for Any Size Installation

Whether you’re securing a multi-site enterprise property or a small, single location, integrating Valerus and Vax makes sense.

If you are looking to transition from a ViconNet system to Valerus without sacrificing your existing investment, we will soon offer a “Gateway” server that bridges legacy ViconNet components to Valerus.  You too can take advantage of our free Valerus/VAX integration.

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