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Today’s complex security challenges make the job of security professionals harder, and more stressful, than ever.  You need a technology partner that makes your job easier, more efficient and less frustrating in every way possible.  Finding the right solution, from the right company, can make all the difference.


Vicon is working, harder than ever, for the privilege to serve you and become that company.  And we hope you will find that our new Valerus video management platform is the right solution.

For even the largest enterprise installations, Vicon proves that simplicity – in the way our new Valerus VMS solution deploys, operates and integrates – and in the way our company provides the most direct access to support, training, resources, and end-to-end system design – can address even the most complex security challenges with easily managed solutions.

Vicon…Simple Solutions for a Complex World

Vicon’s Valerus has been engineered, from the ground up, to simplify the entire user experience without compromising power or performance.  Your system can be up and running in five minutes, thanks to features like highly automated programming tools and a single system-wide activation key.


The highly intuitive interface provides simple, and elegant, tools to manage and operate all system features.  A health monitor lets you keep tabs on the status of all network devices.


And, free seamless integration with VAX Access Control can be turned on with just a mouse click.  Everything about Valerus will make your job easier, plain and simple.


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Vicon makes it simple to access the people, resources and programs you need to be most effective.


Need assistance?  Our talented team is available to answer your questions, right away, on the phone.  (Forget about waiting three days for an online response!)


Need training?  We offer local, extensive hands-on training classes in a city near you, instead of just offering pre-recorded video clips on YouTube.


Designing a system?  We offer tools like SpecWizard, bandwidth calculators and resolution/frame rate video clips that simplify the design process and eliminate the guess work.


Need installation support? Our Professional Services division will pre-configure your components before shipping.  The bottom line is that we’re there for you, simplifying the customer experience at every step of the way.


Here’s what some of our customers have to say

We’ve Got You Covered

Our customer base spans the globe, representing every type of industry. Regardless of your size, Vicon offers highly effective solutions that deliver reliability, expandability, and ease-of-use.

Solutions for large installations

From Olympians to national treasures, Vicon has secured many high-risk, enterprise scale installations around the world. Our products use a standards-based design to provide the ultimate in reliability and capability and include powerful features to secure mission-critical installations dispersed over a large area.

Vicon solutions are installed at Charles de Gaulle Airport, France

Key Benefits

  • Enterprise-scale VMS with unlimited camera channels
  • Easy-to-use, thin-client interfaces: Browser based for any device
  • Single licensing key for entire system
  • Software updates can be automated to all recorders and workstations
  • Real time administrative dashboard monitors performance
  • Full design support and pre-configuration services available
  • Free integration between Valerus VMS and VAX Access Control, with an unlimited number of doors
  • Camera settings can be pushed to multiple cameras with a single key stroke
  • Integration with third party ONVIF solutions
  • Support for weatherproof, 12 megapixel cameras with WDR
  • Massive external storage solutions, including SAN and RAID, and complete flexibility in mixing centralized and edge based storage
  • Custom hardware options

Solutions for medium installations

Medium-size customers value how incredibly easy it is to install and manage Vicon solutions.  And, they use security video for more than just security; our monitoring solutions can streamline operations, detect fraud and train new employees.  For businesses located at several sites, our solutions can be centrally managed, while allowing personnel at individual sites to see, monitor and manage their own locations.

Vicon solutions are installed at Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Key Benefits

  • Centralized management with support for multiple locations
  • Health monitor automatically detects device failures and provides alerts
  • Built-in failover and redundancy safeguards recordings
  • Easy-to-use, thin-client interfaces: Browser based GUI for PCs; mobile app for tablets and smartphones
  • Single licensing key for entire system
  • Free integration between Valerus VMS and VAX Access Control provides video verification capabilities
  • Add specialized functionality through integration with third-party software and hardware

Solutions for small installations

At Vicon we believe that just because an installation is small it shouldn’t be any less secure.  That is why we offer a free, 6-camera version of our video management software.  Now nothing is holding you back from creating a simple an safe environment for your business or residence.  And, as you grow, our simplified licensing and upgrade plans are there to support you.

Vicon solutions are installed at Sagamore Hill Historic Site in Oyster Bay, NY

Key Benefits

  • Free entry-level VMS with support for 6 cameras, with easy upgrade and expansion options
  • Easy-to-use, thin-client interfaces: Browser based GUI for PCs; mobile app for tablets and smartphones
  • Support for small, cost-effective cameras with options such as 360o view or analog support
  • Take advantage of existing equipment while transitioning to an IP system over time
  • Free integration between Valerus VMS and VAX Access Control provides video verification capabilities
  • Host Valerus and VAX software on a single server

Vicon’s surveillance solutions, including software, hardware and cameras, offer simple usability that’s as impressive as their powerful capabilities.

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