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Valerus VMS Software
Updated September 20, 2023 | 1365 MB

There are two files in the .zip file. First install the Valerus 23.3 software. Then install the Hotfix (make sure you “Run As Administrator”), which is also included in the .zip file.

If you have already downloaded Valerus 23.3, please JUST download the Hotfix installer below. If you have any questions, please contact Vicon Tech Support here.

Valerus 23.3 Hotfix
Updated September 20, 2023 | 5.72 MB

Install this Hotfix AFTER you have installed Valerus 23.3. Please ensure you run the .exe file with administrative permissions.

This hotfix solves two issues:

1. Groups lose rights to some views and cameras

2. Groups are not visible in group list

Valerus Desktop Client 23.300.4.5632
Updated August 02, 2023 | 708.45 MB

Valerus-ViconNet Gateway
Updated August 02, 2023 | 892.4 MB

Use this to install the Valerus (version 23.3)-ViconNet (version 8.3) Gateway if required. This bundled file includes all the required software.

Valerus Software Installation and Upgrade Guide
Updated May 17, 2023 | 1.25 MB

Read this document for details on the installation and upgrade procedure.

Quick Guide for Valerus Desktop Client
Updated May 17, 2023 | 1.30 MB

Valerus- ViconNet Gateway Installation Guide
1.07 MB

Read this document for details on the installation procedure for the ViconNet Gateway.


Microsoft Edge Tool
Updated August 17, 2021 | 4 MB

Use this tool to run the Valerus application on Microsoft Edge browser. Refer to the installation manual below.

Microsoft Edge Tool I&O Guide
Updated August 17, 2021 | 341 KB

Use this guide when installing the Microsoft Edge tool for Valerus. Click here for the Spanish version.

Separate Events Database Software

An Events Database (Microsoft® SQL™) is included and installed on the Application Server by default (version 20 min.). Valerus also provides the ability to connect to and use a different Microsoft SQL server for those who have their own server or want the database to run on a different server other than the Application Server. Click the link to access the software required to use a different server as the Events Database.

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