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Valerus Software

New Valerus Desktop Client
Updated February 16, 2023 | 669.17 MB

New Quick Guide for Valerus Desktop Client
Updated February 16, 2023 | 1.29 MB

New Release Notes for Valerus Desktop Client
Updated February 16, 2023 | 260.74 KB

Valerus Version 22.2
Updated December 20, 2022 | 1.36 GB

Upgrade to the latest version of Valerus or, for new installations, this can be used to start your 30-day trial. Please read the release notes posted below prior to installation.

It includes all previous hotfixes that have been posted.

The Thick Client and Internet Gateway/Mobile Device Media Server modules are part of the Valerus VMS download and are available from the Valerus software installation page. Click the module for a link to an installation manual for these modules.

Valerus Software Installation and Upgrade Guide
Updated December 20, 2022 | 1.25 MB

Read this document for details on the installation and upgrade procedure.

Valerus-ViconNet Gateway
Updated December 20, 2022 | 899.7 MB

Use this to install the Valerus (version 22.2)-ViconNet (version 8.3) Gateway if required. This bundled file includes all the required software.

Valerus- ViconNet Gateway Installation Guide
1.07 MB

Read this document for details on the installation procedure for the ViconNet Gateway.


Microsoft Edge Tool
Updated August 17, 2021 | 4 MB

Use this tool to run the Valerus application on Microsoft Edge browser. Refer to the installation manual below.

Microsoft Edge Tool I&O Guide
Updated August 17, 2021 | 341 KB

Use this guide when installing the Microsoft Edge tool for Valerus. Click here for the Spanish version.

Separate Events Database Software

An Events Database (Microsoft® SQL™) is included and installed on the Application Server by default (version 20 min.). Valerus also provides the ability to connect to and use a different Microsoft SQL server for those who have their own server or want the database to run on a different server other than the Application Server. Click the link to access the software required to use a different server as the Events Database.

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