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VTR Thermal Sensor Cameras

Integrated thermal imager and PTZ for intrusion detection and object tracking
Thermal Sensor
Vicon’s high-powered thermal sensor cameras provide 360° coverage of open spaces to detect, identify and track intruders. Combined with Vicon’s high-speed SN683D or SN688D PTZ dome cameras (sold separately), the resulting product delivers situational awareness of any physical incursion that may threaten a facility or its perimeter, doing the work of multiple fixed cameras, decreasing the number of security personnel needed to monitor critical areas.
Key Features
  • Thermal detection and tracking of intruders up to 500m in 360° panoramic view
  • Integrated high-speed PTZ provides real-time tracking
  • Geospatial tracking on localized maps
  • Integrates with Valerus VMS as well as many other VMS solutions
  • One thermal unit can replace up to 8 fixed cameras
  • Perfect for large storage yards, parking lots, power plants or other secure areas
360-Degree Situational Awareness

The area protection begins with the powerful thermal sensor that continuously scans 360-degrees for potential threats. When a threat is detected, the PTZ will automatically slew-to-cue, providing immediate visual verification and forensic coverage. Operators will also receive an alert, along with GPS coordinates of the threat with a map of the property.

Data/Spec Sheet
A&E Spec
Model Features Zoom
VTR-3200 320x256 resolution 6.3 mm focal length
VTR-3300 320x256 resolution 9.1 mm focal length
VTR-6200 640x512 resolution 8.7 mm focal length
VTR-6400 640x512 resolution 14 mm focal length
VTR-6600 640x512 resolution 18 mm focal length
Model VTR-3200
Features 320x256 resolution
Zoom 6.3 mm focal length
Model VTR-3300
Features 320x256 resolution
Zoom 9.1 mm focal length
Model VTR-6200
Features 640x512 resolution
Zoom 8.7 mm focal length
Model VTR-6400
Features 640x512 resolution
Zoom 14 mm focal length
Model VTR-6600
Features 640x512 resolution
Zoom 18 mm focal length
Model Features Zoom
V-ARM-TR Mounting arm; connects the VTR unit to the PTZ
V-GNB-TR Gooseneck mounting bracket
V-PMK-TR Pole mounting kit
V-CMK-TR Corner mounting kit
V-RMK-TR Roof mounting kit
Model V-ARM-TR
Features Mounting arm; connects the VTR unit to the PTZ
Model V-GNB-TR
Features Gooseneck mounting bracket
Model V-PMK-TR
Features Pole mounting kit
Model V-CMK-TR
Features Corner mounting kit
Model V-RMK-TR
Features Roof mounting kit