Meet VAX 3.1

The latest VAX release—with its refreshed user interface—contains an at-a-glance system overview dashboard, temporary visitor access credentials, new 3rd party integrations with Schlage and DSC, and the ability to create custom photo ID badges.



Centralize Your Access Control with Video Surveillance and Monitoring

Unleash the power of a deeper VAX and Valerus VMS integration with the centralized management of alerts and notifications, directly from the Valerus interface. This ensures operators can see a full picture of their access control and video surveillance all from a single interface. No need to swivel between screens and windows to find active alarms and alerts—you can view it all in one place.

Now Users Can:

Experience the New VAX User Interface

The brand new UI makes the whole user experience easier and more streamlined. You’ll notice a refreshed, updated look and feel with no “re-learning” required.

  • Several menus have been revamped and consolidated.
  • For example, the new Schedules menu allows you to set up time zones for doors, users, etc., from the same screen as opposed to five separate screens.
  • This new interface scales much better to larger displays and supports the latest HTML5 web technologies.

Get an at-a-Glance Overview of Your VAX System

Similar to Valerus, VAX now contains intuitive, color-coded dashboards that are displayed as soon as you log in. You’ll get immediate intel on system health and status, and you can quickly pinpoint concerns that may need further attention.

The dashboard incorporates a drag and drop widget interface so you can customize it according to your preference.

  • See how many partitions, panels, doors, users, elevators, and action plans are currently configured in your system.
  • Get intel on system health, including memory and disk usage, and the status of all your devices (healthy, warning and critical).
  • Peruse real-time reports on your system’s activity (e.g., door activity, user activity, floor activity, etc.).
  • See your daily access history (granted vs. denied).
Create Custom ID Badges in VAX

You can now create custom ID badges directly within the VAX application without having to rely on third party software.

  • Badges are completely customizable based on your specific requirements.
  • Design templates for front AND back of cards, including bar codes and QR codes of cardholder info.
  • You can include things like company logo, employee number, name, title, and photo (or no photo, if that’s your preference).
  • You can use any badging printer—VAX is compatible with all of them.

Issue Temporary Visitor Credentials

The new Vicon-Pass application allows visitors to receive a web link that will grant them access to a specific door.

  • VAX users send visitors a “visitor pass” in the form of a text or an email.
  • The text or email contains a link the visitor clicks to unlock the designated door.
  • No need for visitors to install the app; they just click the link.
  • Since Vicon-Pass makes a connection to the server over the internet, there’s no need to replace existing readers.

New Integration with Schlage & DSC

  • Admins now have two-factor authentication for enhanced security; once they enter their initial password, the secondary password will be automatically sent to their phone, Google account, web server, etc.
  • Permission settings for a user, group, door schedule, etc., can be copied and pasted to multiple like-for-like entities—a significant time saver.
  • In the interest of tightening permissions, partition scoping prevents admins from seeing/managing partitions other than the ones they are authorized to view.

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