ViconNet Mobile System Requirements


Vicon Mobile is supported by a ViconNet Web and Mobile Server, which transcodes and streams video to mobile users. Several factors, including frames per second (FPS) and video source resolution, will affect server requirements.

To help estimate your needs, Vicon has created two tools to help evaluate an installation:

Calculator tool (Excel document)
Web and Mobile Server Design Guide (PDF)

It is also recommended to discuss installation needs with a Vicon Sales Representative who can help evaluate your system and confirm an accurate assessment.


Touch-and-drag display.

Simply touch-and-drag cameras from the expandable left menu to a tile within the display layout. The display layout can be configured to display from one to nine video streams.

Pinch-to-zoom to see more detail in the display.

Easily expand the video to fill the entire screen for a better view. Users can easily use pinch-to-zoom to see more detail within the camera view.

Network Diagram

Diagram of the ViconNet Mobile System.

1. ViconNet NVRs and DVRs recording video stream from cameras
2. ViconNet Nucleus running on a dedicated server, as required on a larger size system
3. Dedicated Web/Mobile Servers can be added to the system to increase support
4. A load balance server (running on the ViconNet Nucleus Server) manages all Web/Mobile Viewers via the same IP. It splits the load among the different servers within the system

Compatible Mobile Devices

The list below shows all mobile devices tested by the Vicon QA lab. If you have had success using other devices, please let us know by sending an email to and we will update this list.

Android Devices

Device NameModelO.S. VersionVicon App Version
Asuss TransformerTransformer Pad TF700T4.
Motorola XoomMZ6014.
Samsung Galaxy S1Galaxy GT-190002.
Samsung Galaxy Tab2 7″GT-P31004.
Samsung Galaxy Tab2 10.1GT-P51004.
Samsung Galaxy S3GT I9300; SGH-T9994.
Samsung Galaxy S4SCH-15454.31.7.3
GoogleNexus 54.3,
GoogleNexus 104.3,

Apple Devices

Device NameO.S. VersionVicon App Version
iPad 3IOS 6.1.3I, OS 7.0.4I, OS
iPad 2IOS 6.1.3I, OS 7.0.4I, OS
iPhone 4IOS 6.1.3I, OS 7.0.4I, OS
iPhone 4sIOS 6.1.3I, OS 7.0.4I, OS
iPhone 5IOS 6.0.2I, OS 7.0.4I, OS