ViconNet Features and Functions

Increased NVR densityBased on continual improvements to the recording database performance, version 8.1 now offers improved recording engine that supports up to 1.5 times more channels per ViconNet NVR, which reduces both the total number of NVRs required to handle recording in a system and the cost-per-channel factor, making ViconNet more affordable than ever. Click here for details
Enhanced Vicon AnalyticsWith version 8.1, the IQeye line of cameras can now used the Vicon Basic Edge-Based Analytics. It has been enhanced to show bounding boxes around the detected objects in live and playback video and we have removed the fee and licensing requirements. Support of the updated analytics requires a firmware update to the camera firmware in addition to ViconNet 8.1.
Museum Search with IQeye camerasThe Museum Search feature in ViconNet, previously only working with ViconNet-based devices (Kollector DVR, ViconNet encoder and IP cameras), is now available with many of our IQeye cameras. This popular feature allows ultra-fast search for changes in selected areas of post recorded video. Please note that it requires a firmware update to the camera in addition to ViconNet 8.1.
Camera connection indicationWhen ViconNet 8 begins to stream video, an indicator will clearly be displayed in the tile to show that it is connected. In the event that the video stream disconnects, it will automatically attempt to reconnect. The indicator will simultaneously change to reflect the connection status, making it easy for the user to know the current status of the video connection.
Layout optionsUsers have the ability to choose a popular six tile layout or a 10 tile layout with two larger tiles in Virtual Matrix Display Controller.
Updated Archive WizardWith the latest update, the Archive Wizard is an intuitive feature that helps users to directly start an archive by selecting the relevant cameras, eliminating the need to point to a specific database. The archive wizard reduces steps in the process of exporting video by automatically searching all available databases for relevant video and archives from the best match.
Display settingsAutomatically resize the monitor display to maximum resolution, even when moving application between monitors.
Camera groupingEasily move groups up and down the list to allow sorting the group list when adding new camera groups.
Supports Vicon Access Control (VAX)ViconNet supports the VAX system and can be linked to any camera in the ViconNet system. Connected cameras can be viewed and video recorded when users try to enter an access point.
New video clip exportThe new export wizard allows for higher resolution video clips and faster exporting. The new wizard offers export in M4 format or to a new MKV format used with a VLC player. The MKV format offers even greater speed and the ability to remove the timestamp if needed.
Archive player updatePlayback authorization is no longer required for a user who wants to playback an archive.
Edge device supportAny device that supports edge recording and playback can be viewed or played back directly from the user interface.
Recording managementRecording management allows quick and easy setup of the recording tasks, providing a list for the selection of cameras/microphones and choice of recording options.
Multiple channel options

ViconNet VMS is available in multiple channel options:

  • A free six-channel option with no camera licensing fees. Want to try it? Simply download it and get started.
  • An option of nine*, 16, 35 or unlimited camera channels with no licensing fee for Vicon cameras
ViconNet Web and Mobile ViewersMonitor your system via a web browser or mobile application and gain access to live and recorded video, including control of pan-tilt-zoom cameras.
Thumbnail searchQuickly arrange a visual search for a selected time period, which can be continually narrowed. A thumbnail can be launched as playback or exported as an archive.
Enhanced macro functionalityMacro Editor provides advanced recording and scheduling configuration.
Events managementLink ViconNet video with data from a wide range of security systems, including access control, point-of-sale, license plate recognition and perimeter intrusion monitoring.
Video maskingUsers can create a video mask for any video channel, which can be removed from either live or playback by a user with the appropriate authorization.
Quick lookup functionEach device list can be quickly searched for a text match to a specific device. It also includes a previous and next button.

*The 9 channel version is only available in Europe, the Middle East and Africa

To learn more about the Cameras-to-NVR ratio, click here to download a paper. For a graphic representation, click here.

Compare channel optionsSix-channel ViconNet VMSNine, 16 or 35-channel ViconNet VMSUnlimited ViconNet VMS
System sizeSmall installationsMedium installationsLarge installations
Number of cameras6 Maximum9, 16 or 35 MaximumUnlimited
Per camera license fee *Free
Virtual linking of NVRs **
System configuration
Software only
Software preloaded on certified NVRs
Bundled NVR pre-packaged with cameras
System redundancy
Web viewer
Supports external storage options
Compatible with Vicon Workstation and VMDC
Integrates with third-party access control
Supports all NVR features and functions
Technical support ***
Factory-direct pre-configuration available

*  No fees for Vicon cameras. Third-party network cameras and encoders may require additonal license fees.
** ViconNet has the ability to link multiple NVRs virtually to create an Enterprise Class System.
*** Technical Support through dealer.