ViconNet Hardware Optimized for Your Video Surveillance System

Vicon hardware supports industry-standard compression and transmission formats, including H.264. Displaying and recording clear, high-resolution video while minimizing bandwidth and storage requirements.


ViconNet network video recorders

NVRs with ViconNet
VMS preinstalled

ViconNet hybrid digital video recorders

 For analog/IP cameras and
preinstalled with ViconNet VMS

ViconNet Nucleus server

Centralized management of
all system components and
preinstalled with ViconNet VMS

ViconNet Web and Mobile server

A server preinstalled
with ViconNet Web and
Mobile software component

ViconNet Virtual Matrix Display Controller

Command center for video
walls and preinstalled with
ViconNet VMDC software

ViconVet Workstation

A remote operator
workstation preinstalled
with ViconNet VMS for
system administration

Encoders and decoders

Converts analog video
signals to IP or reverse

Third-party compliant Vicon hardware

Third-party cameras

Third-party cameras

Vicon products are compatible with a wide range of third-party cameras, giving customers the freedom of choice to reuse their existing cameras or use cameras that meet specific system requirements.

This is ideal for customers who are transitioning from analog to IP, as they can use their existing analog cameras while overtime replacing them with new IP devices.

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Third-party software

Third-party software

With an open application programming interface (API), ViconNet video management software (VMS) can easily be integrated with third-party software. This enables customers to install additional functionality to help provide additional security or to streamline processes.

Development of new software is only limited by creativity. Inspiration is the key element in generating technological innovation.

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ONVIF compliant

Vicon products follow ONVIF standard to ensure our commitment to a global standard and interoperability between products in the industry.

Vicon ONVIF-certified products

Upgrade guidelines

To take advantage of the full power of ViconNet VMS, the hardware must have significant computing power. If you are running an older version of ViconNet, remember to check the recommended hardware requirements before upgrading to a new ViconNet VMS version.

ViconNet Solutions

ViconNet is a fully scalable feature-rich VMS solution that delivers enterprise-level performance along with freedom of choice, enabling system customization and compatibility with a wide range of ONVIF-compliant off-the-shelf network video and computer hardware. ViconNet offers video management solutions optimized for every size and budget. A choice of components and backed by a unique Professional Services program that ensures ease of installation consistent performance and long-term reliability.

ViconNet’s unique powerful features provide all the tools necessary to manage and maintain video security for even the largest installations. It delivers the widest range of display options, from smart phone, tablet viewing to support for huge multi-monitor central command centers using our Virtual Matrix display Controller.