Meet VAX 2.10

Upgrade your security operation with the latest release of VAX Access Control. In this version, you can access a deep integration with Valerus, streamline notifications and migrate data easier than ever before.



Centralize Your Access Control with Video Surveillance and Monitoring

Unleash the power of a deeper VAX and Valerus VMS integration with the centralized management of alerts and notifications, directly from the Valerus interface. This ensures operators can see a full picture of their access control and video surveillance all from a single interface. No need to swivel between screens and windows to find active alarms and alerts—you can view it all in one place.

Now Users Can:

  • See and respond to all alarms in one place
  • React faster with door overrides in Valerus
  • Get the full pictures with Valerus map and live event tiles

Make Your Notifications Count with Extensive Customizations

Configure and enable the event notifications you want and need to see first. Rather than sifting through dozens of irrelevant alerts, users can now customize the types of notifications that appear, enabling proactive decision-making within the traditional VAX interface.

Respond to What Matters Most
Taking it a step further, users can customize a notification’s color and audible tone for immediate confirmation if it’s a priority, see live video of certain events and control how notifications are handled based upon the level of urgency.

Add New Access Control Sites in Minutes

Expanding and adding new access control sites can sound overwhelming and time-consuming. However, our new data migrator tool allows you to easily duplicate specific site information and apply it to another.

Focus on Mission-Critical Details
Since you don’t need to re-enter the same information, you can focus on mission-critical details required during transitions and expansions. This is ideal for enterprise customers who are expanding, or for anyone who is moving to a new location.
Receive Real-Time Push Notifications So You’ll Never Miss a Critical Event
Using web pushes, stakeholders can receive high-priority notifications even when they’re multi-tasking or not currently logged into VAX. These notifications are customizable by System Admins, so you can ensure the right people get the right notifications. For this feature, your system must be connected to the internet. It’s supported by Chrome®, Safari® and Firefox®, which (combined) represent about 77% of the web browser options.
OSDP Protocol Protects Your Most Critical Information
For those seeking advanced security protection, the new Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) support enables a reliable and secure connection between access control system readers and door controllers. OSDP encryption increases security and provides peace-of-mind for any surveillance operation by eliminating the risk of “man-in-the-middle” attacks.
Additional New Features

  • Set up an alarm with our Database Usage Indicator to notify you when a specific percentage (user-definable) of the 10GB database has been depleted.
  • Choose from a variety of new access control conditions (e.g., door override, door prevented from unlocking, and panel updated) and resulting actions (e.g., purge notifications, enable/disable trigger, and run action plan).
  • The on-screen overview and VAX maps show the real-time status of the various door strike outputs (locked/unlocked).

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