The Latest Version of Valerus Delivers Enterprise Performance with Video Analytics, NVR Failover and More

Valerus version 18.2, features an easy-to use and powerful user interface, helps you solve crime faster, resolve IT headaches and gain business intelligence.


New to this release are features that include:

Automated NVR failover alleviates concerns regarding loss of data in case of failures and strengthens the dependability of the recorded data.

Valerus SmartAnalytics, a tightly integrated video analytics solution that offers real-time event detection, video search and business intelligence applications. This suite of powerful analytical tools includes three separate modules, each offering their own unique capabilities.

Improved configuration options include an enhanced rules engine that can respond to external events, tighter controls for system access authorizations and network-wide log collection and reporting.

New “ENTERPRISE” licensing tier is built for large scale solutions. Now introduced with NVR failover and server-based analytics; future additions include interactive maps and event integration framework.

Details of these new features are highlighted below.

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NVR Failover Technology

Alleviates concerns regarding loss of data in case of failures and strengthens the dependability of the recorded data.


Valerus allows an NVR to be configured as a failover NVR to act as a backup in the case of an NVR failure. The failover NVR is a dedicated PC and is not one of the system’s active NVRs.
This feature offers the ability to create clusters of NVRs and Failover NVRs that back them up. By creating a cluster, it is possible to define multiple NVRs and failover ones to meet any required specification.

Valerus SmartAnalytics

Leverages the use of surveillance systems by providing:


Valerus SmartAction

Real-time event detection and alerts

Valerus SmartSearch

Enhanced video searches

Valerus Business Intelligence

Business intelligence applications allow user to define statistical analysis tasks

Enhancement Updates

Simplified User Experience

Configuration Landing Home Page

Added a landing home page when entering the Configuration area with clear icons per category.


Devices Report

Added report button to the devices screen that generates an Excel report of the devices sorted by their hosting NVRs as well as a flat list.

Device to Resources Shortcuts

Added shortcuts in the Resources screen and the Device screen to allow fast navigation between the two. This allows the user to jump to a specific resource for a device without looking for it.

Move/Replace Cameras

Allows moving a camera or device from one NVR to another, usually for load balance purposes. Supports the ability to replace a camera already in the system with a new one (MAC address change). Same model camera will take all older settings; a different model camera will need to be reconfigured.

Support 3rd Stream from Camera

For cameras that support more than two streams, the ability to configure those streams has been added; this requires the user to define the desired stream. The system shows the options supported by the camera, and will allow to add the appropriate streams.

Log Collection

Gain immediate visibility into the system

A log collection option is now available that allows the retrieval of system logs from all Valerus PCs, making it easier to troubleshoot potential issues.

External Event Reactions

Enhance system inputs and notifications to improve operator awareness

ADAM-6050 Integration

Valerus now supports the ADAM-6050 IP based I/O device. This allows using dry contact inputs and outputs not tied to a specific camera. The device is added under the “Cameras and Devices” menu.

Receive External Text Events

Valerus can now accept external text strings from third-party systems (access control, LPR, POS, Intercom)to associate sensors with cameras. The sensors can trigger events in Valerus to speed up recording, pop-up a display window or sound an audio notification.
*Audio    *Visual display pop-up    *Alarm tab

System Response

Enhanced indication of an alarm. The alarm tab is now highlighted red and an alarm icon flashes on the top toolbar. In addition an alarm sound was added to allow drawing attention.

Updated Authorization for Added Security

The authorization system now provides a more robust security level. Instead of every resource allowing access (live, playback, etc.) by default, it will now block access. The user groups are replaced with “Roles” that define a template of authorizations to which users can be added. This change was made to benefit large deployments where many users need limited access to the system.
As in the previous version, a user may be assigned multiple roles and roles may be changed when needed. An additional “built-in” role was added and now the system offers “Admin, Operators, Supervisors and Investigators” as the default roles.



A third commercial license tier has been added to support large-scale system requirements

New ENTERPRISE tier is built for large scale solutions. Now introduced with NVR failover and server-based analytics, future additions include interactive maps and event integration framework.

  • One no-cost tier for trial systems and fully functional demos (TRY)
  • Three primary software tiers based on system size and feature sets [CORE/PRO/ENTERPRISE]
  • Optional Software Upgrade Protection Plans
  • Unlimited footprint for NVRs and Client Viewing Stations (No additional base license fees!)

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