One Convenient Search Menu; Three Simple Ways to Search

Valerus offers three highly efficient search tools that help you find the recorded video evidence you’re looking for in the easiest way possible.  Once found, you can quickly export clips right from the search interface.


Thumbnail Search

Quickly view an array of thumbnail still shots from any camera and time frame you want to search; then gradually narrow your search until you find the frames you’re looking for.

Valerus drop down menu

Use the drop-down menus to select any network camera and the start and end day/time for your initial search.

Valerus array of thumnails

View an array of thumbnail stills evenly distributed over the selected search time frame. Valerus lets you quickly switch between a 4×2, 6×3 or 8×4 display grid.  Continue to narrow your search, either between two adjacent frames (using the white arrow tool), or clicking on a start and end frame from among those displayed.

Valerus playback on thumbnail

Once you’ve found a thumbnail that displays what you’re looking for, you can quickly begin and control video playback from that point without leaving the search interface.

Museum Search

Highlight an area of interest within your camera view, then specify the time frame you’d like to search.  Valerus will call up video from time frames in which “change” or “motion” occurs within that area.

Museum search drop down menu

Use the drop-down menus to select from the list of museum search enabled cameras and specify the start and end day/time for your initial search.

Highlight area of view with brush tool

Valerus will call up a view from the selected camera. Use the brush tool to highlight the area of concern. Brush size and highlight color can be adjusted.  An eraser and other tools are also provided. (See the purplish/blue area highlight over the door in this screenshot.)

Control video playback

Valerus will identify both times when motion is detected within the area of interest and display corresponding thumbnail images.  Click on a thumbnail to quickly begin and control video playback, beginning from a few seconds before the action occurs.

Valerus Events Framework

earch for video clips and associated data that’s been captured through a Valerus/third-party integration.  For example, see video associated with a specific license plate number or a cash register transaction. Valerus makes this easy by “wrapping” the event data as a video stream that can be searched and displayed within the Valerus interface just like any camera view.

The images below show Events Framework for an integration with a license plate recognition system.  Note that each integration partner will have its own searchable data fields that are appropriate for its solution.

Define search parameters.

Define the parameters of the search by selecting the integration partner, data fields and time frame for the search.

Matching events appear in a table.

Matching events appear in a table, each with a link to the associated camera for the event.

Cameras showing on right side of software in playback mode.

When clicked, the cameras will show on the right in playback mode from time of event.

  • Camera associated with the event
  • Event data as video
  • Additional tile can be used for procedures or more cameras

Thumbnail Search is included with all versions of Valerus.
Museum Search and Events Framework Search are PRO tier features.
Events Framework is an add-on to Valerus PRO that requires additional licensing to operate.

Valerus offers a long list of integration partners that will continue to grow.


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