Valerus Features and Functions

View live video YES; stream through NVR with fail over to camera
Control PTZ YES
Dewarp 360° YES
Playback recorded video YES
Active timeline on video YES
Audio live and playback YES
Call pre-defined views YES; by dragging a group or dragging a view
Run video tours YES
Show web pages in tiles YES
Event notification YES
Motion detection YES; from camera
Multi-monitor support YES
Event driven switching YES
Groups YES; multi-level
VMS-based removable masks YES
Support Vicon edge analytics YES; ONVIF analytics
Compatible with FREE mobile app YES
System health dashboard YES
NVR and channel data statistics YES
Archive video YES
Export generic video clip YES
License Central license; license per IP camera/encoder (4 tiers)
License grace period YES; 30 days
Software activation required YES
Maximum number of channels for the system TRY 6; CORE 35; PRO/ENTERPRISE Unlimited
Number of channels for NVR Approx 70 on Standard Server / Approx 100 on Shadow Server (RAID)
Quick configuration wizard YES
Set site IP YES
Camera configuration from VMS YES
Software update tool CORE, PRO and ENTERPRISE only; remote update of App Server, and NVRs
Backup and restore configuration YES
Mixed video/audio channel YES
Supports any resolution video YES
Supports HTTPS secure browsing YES
H.264/H.265/MJPEG compression YES
Supports IPV6 networking YES
Pre-post alarm recording YES
Per-camera max retention YES
Active directory support YES, PRO/ENTERPRISE only
Third-party integrations YES
Keypad and PLC support YES; CORE, PRO and ENTERPRISE only
Museum search PRO and ENTERPRISE only
Thumbnail search YES
Events Framework search PRO and ENTERPRISE only
Application Server Failover YES; PRO and ENTERPRISE only
Support Valerus SmartAnalytics/SmartSearch YES; ENTERPRISE only
Integration with VAX YES
Valerus-ViconNet Gateway YES

For more information, please contact your local sales representative.