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Automate Your Surveillance with Real-Time and Post-Event Analysis
The Valerus SmartAnalytics suite boasts a set of advanced, automated, video analysis tools that provide for the immediate detection and extraction of events and valuable data from surveillance footage. These tools replace the manual and time-consuming tasks traditionally employed to monitor live video feeds or sift through recorded video.
Valerus SmartAction
Automatically Detect Events in Real-Time

Transform your video surveillance system from a passive tool to a proactive detection system. Our easy-to-use platform uses pre-defined behavior rules that monitor activity across hundreds of video channels, providing alerts and system reactions only when specific behaviors occur.

Example Events
Asset Removed
Suspicious Object
Person Line Cross
Valerus SmartSearch
Easily Search for Events

Increase efficiency in your investigations by searching for specific events and objects of interest quickly from any number of cameras. A wide-range of search parameters ensures you find the video you need without watching hours of recorded footage. Available as a separate module or as a bundle with real-time analytics.

  • Search by target type (cars, person, object), event types, color, camera or camera group.
  • Versatile search result formats make it easy for you to find relevant footage.
  • Faster results: search 24 hours of footage in seconds.
Valerus Business Intelligence
Access Critical Business Insights

Easily see important statistical data regarding traffic volumes, trends, motion patterns with Valerus Business Intelligence. Data can provide business leaders valuable insights for optimizing operational aspects from security to marketing.

  • Get critical statistical data relating to people and vehicles.
  • Advanced visualization tools, including charts, graphs & heatmaps
  • Export raw data easily for further analysis.
Example Reports
Integrated System Diagram
This diagram depicts a system in which the SmartAnalytics run on the same hardware as Valerus.