Valerus Security Console

This industry-first security and operations console offers an all-in-one ergonomic workstation with unmatched flexibility.


Product Highlights

  • Ergonomic pre-configured three-monitor workstation with i7 Windows PC
  • Use as a central control station for a combined security console and business desk
  • Simultaneous multi-monitor display of video, access control and non-security applications
  • Easy-reach touchscreen monitors technology
  • Motorized elevation of desktop allows easy adjustment for sitting or standing work positions

The integral i7 class PC is the engine behind this outstanding design. It enables each station to function as a full-time Valerus video monitoring and administration client, with no performance limitations, while simultaneously supporting the full on-screen display of Vicon’s VAX desktop monitoring. Combined with the third monitor that can be dedicated to conventional business functions, the Valerus Security Console delivers that perfect balance of design and functionality.
Integrated operational tools including:
At first glance it’s easy to see how much more attractive the Valerus Security Console is compared to a conventional cluttered desk. But a closer look reveals the real genius and difference this console delivers. Embedded into the framework is a set of unique operational capabilities designed to enhance your working experience.

Other built-in capabilities include a flush desktop wireless phone charger, a document scanner that automatically outputs PDF files and integration with your phone, including a wireless headset. However, as powerful as all these features are at reducing desktop clutter and optimizing a worker’s focus, they are just the tip of where Vicon will take this new concept.


Included now is the first step in software designed for virtual PC control and the eventual elimination of hardware like a mouse or keyboard. The incorporation of the first generation of “Touchless Gesture” software enables certain desktop controls, like page turns and web surfing, with the swipe of a hand.

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