Optimize the Performance of 360° Cameras with Simple, Dedicated Controls

High resolution fisheye cameras can provide coverage of huge areas. Valerus now provides special tools to get the most out of these cameras, allowing you to de-warp, pan and zoom into specific areas of interest, in both live and recorded video. Multi display modes can provide coverage that would typically require the use of at least four traditional megapixel cameras.



Valerus camera configuration menu 360 support settings.

Within the Valerus camera configuration menu, there are now special settings to support 360° cameras.

Pan & Zoom

Valerus 360 pan and zoom options.

Valerus 360 pan and zoom to areas of interest.

When zooming and panning in from the full field of view (left) to specific areas of interest (right), you will see a de-warped, highly detailed image similar to one obtained from a traditional wide-angle lens. 12MP cameras eliminate pixelization even with extreme magnification.

View Choices

Valerus perimeter view

Valerus vertical view

A drop down menu allows you to choose from five different views: single, quad, perimeter (left), custom perimeter, and vertical (right – for corridor views).


Valerus preset quad view

Define specific areas of interest as “presets,” and Valerus will call them up as if they are specific cameras (preset quad view shown).

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