Valerus-Software House C●Cure 9000 Integration


Vicon Industries and Software House® have joined forces to create a powerful, integrated Access Control and Video Surveillance system that combines the strength of these two technologies for a complete security solution. This integration provides the ability to associate access control alarms with Valerus digital video clips. The combination of viewing access control events and security video clips provides the user with the tools and visual data to effectively respond to situations in real time and efficiently conduct investigations after the fact.

The Vicon/C•CURE 9000 integration simplifies investigations by associating recorded video with events, allowing a user to instantly see what is occurring during an incident by simply clicking on the video icon associated with an event. The integration is based on both a working Valerus and C•Cure system on the network. This integration supports any Valerus device (NVR, encoder, IP camera) and 3rd party camera supported by Valerus. The integration software runs as a service on the C-Cure system server. Vicon Valerus has been fully certified to work with Software House C•Cure 9000 through their “Connected” program.

Integration Highlights

  • Supplement your Access Control system with the Vicon Valerus Video VMS
  • Video display in response to an access event
  • Vicon Valerus provides a true-standards based VMS built on ONVIF specifications, designed and built using the latest standard web-based development tools, ensuring optimization of platform interactivity
  • Live and playback view on demand
  • Fully scalable

This is a first release of the integration package with the following minimum versions:

Valerus VMS-Version 18R2 or higher
Software House C-Cure 9000 version-2.70
Valerus-Software House Integration version-1.0.0

Features and Functionality

The integrated solution provides the following functionality through the C•Cure 9000 user interface: