Meet Valerus 22.1

Vicon’s proud to announce the latest release of our renowned Valerus VMS. This version is all about enhancing platform centralization through our integration framework, giving you more storage and archiving flexibility and improving the overall user experience.


Centralize your LPR,
access control and video monitoring

Unleash the power of a deeper integration framework with a centralized management of alerts and notifications, all from the Valerus interface.

Respond to all your events from one place

  • Get a full picture of your LPR, Access Control and Video alerts- all from a single interface
  • Enable faster reaction times and a better way to uncover, respond to and document events and associated video
  • Improve reaction times from your Valerus map by viewing associated camera footage with two clicks, and, for Access Control, you can even trigger door overrides right from Valerus
  • Utilize new event tiles, designed to allow you to see detailed event information without leaving the monitoring screen

Store your data however, wherever
and whenever you want

Valerus can now map directly to your network storage devices, whether it’s a NAS device, someone else’s computer, another server, or even a data center. This gives users more control of their data, allowing them to store long-term footage without the limitations of their local storage.

Now Users Can:

  • Choose the option to schedule archives wherever and however they want
  • Access archived footage online, regardless of where it’s stored, for seamless retrieval
  • Setup auto-archiving in minutes with absolute flexibility

A constant UX evolution, thanks to your feedback

At Vicon, we strive to make continuous improvements to support easier user management and increase capabilities. We encourage additional feedback as we continue to evolve Valerus and its future releases.

Updates Include:

  • Centralized monitor management allows you to identify and represent multiple monitors, name them and designate whether they can be used for alarms. No more running from machine to machine to do this.
  • When using partners resources on the interactive map, you can immediately access the camera’s live feed by simply clicking on the partner icon for a thorough response to potential critical events.
  • Control user management; Excel templates are now available, allowing you to integrate a list of your desired users in just a few clicks.
  • Control who can, and can’t, override cameras Views by granting specified users with the authority to do so. This allows system administrators to ensure that only users with particular permissions have the privilege to override a camera within a View.
  • Enjoy new HTML camera reports that provide easy-to-read reports of camera settings, including information about the camera model, firmware and a snapshot of the camera’s field-of-view.
  • New screen layout options provide additional tile layouts; 3×2 and 2×5 were implemented for specific user preferences.

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