Introducing Valerus 20.2

We’ve upgraded Valerus with powerful features like mobile video streaming, enhanced health dashboards, and improved cybersecurity tools so you can react quicker, monitor more efficiently and protect your assets better than ever.


New Features

Mobile Video Streams

Turn your cell phone into a powerful security asset with our mobile video streaming feature. Operators can easily send live video from their smartphones into Valerus to better document patrols and incidents that may otherwise go unrecorded.


Geo Mapping

The Geo Mapping feature allows users to strategically monitor vast geographical locations by putting in an address or coordinates to access a true location. This simplifies the creation of an interactive topographical map and allows for precise monitoring of the camera layout.



Quickly save and store images from live or recorded playback video with our Snapshot feature. This is useful when trying to document suspects or incidents.


Health Dashboard

The Dashboard has been redesigned to provide a better user experience and clearer graphical tools. You can monitor device health statuses and receive alerts indicating when devices aren’t working properly. Gain valuable insight from the statistics and performance data of your connected devices, RAM and CPU usage and more. From Internet Gateway, learn if your system is disconnected or offline. Cybersecurity provides a list of current logged in users, a duplicate user warning when the same user is logged in from two different devices and an option to remove a user if necessary.


Audit Log

Save and review user activities with Audit Log. This exciting new feature allows designated users to keep track of who logs in and out of the system, what they view and their actions. If a failure or critical setting is changed, not only can you reverse the action but see who made it.


Thick Client

We now offer a Thick-Client program for operators that prefer not to use browsers or require a program startup with preconfigured settings or screens. This is a key feature for instances when operator control is limited. Presets allow for easy restoring all previously programmed settings, saving time and allowing you to focus on what’s important.


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